Smile Game Builder Tutorial #23 Deferred Until Tuesday

SGB Tutorial #23 - Tips & Tricks - Part 3
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This week’s tutorial, #18: Tips & Tricks (Part 3) has been uploaded but release is deferred until Tuesday. This is only because of my work schedule. I had an extra shift, which threw me off slightly as far as time management.

Included in this tutorial is a simple barrel pushing puzzle and climbing up and down ladders more realistically.

It’s frustrating working nights, but it pays the bills. I’d like to be in a position to focus more on the game development, notably with Smile Game Builder and RPG Maker.

“Old Ruin” High Quality Assets: Stone Wall Terrain and Rock Object

Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Object
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As part of the ongoing experiments with the "Old Ruin" High Quality Assets, I created two more assets for Smile Game Builder. Except in package title, there’s no real theme yet. It’s been more of an experiment as inspiration strikes.

Stone Wall Terrain

The first is two different types of angular stone wall terrains for the "Old Ruins".

Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Terrains
Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Terrains

Rock Object

The second "Old Ruins" asset is a rock object. This is a retextured version of the existing rock object, imported and rendered through Blender as part of some ongoing experiments with texture and UVs.

Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Object
Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Object

Future Development

Development on the "Old Ruins" assets will continue periodically.

I’m still learning how to use Blender properly, so objects will be few and far between for a while. However, I may still produce more terrain assets in the interim, along with various other graphics, such as windows.

“Old Ruins” High Quality Assets Mapset

Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Bloddied Cave Entrance
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A while ago (29 October, 2016, to be exact) I posted on Twitter and Facebook that a new high quality SGB mapset was in development.

It started more as an experiment than anything else, but I’ve actually been making progress on it, on and off. So I decided to share what I’ve done so far.

"Old Ruins" Gallery (So Far!)

Over time, I’ll add more to it and create a proper gallery showcase page when there are enough. Development will be ongoing on this, I think!

Blender Assets

Although I’m not proficient at all with Blender, I’m determined to be. The idea here is to create matching high quality characters and objects, and then combine into a single resource pack for you to use.

The High Quality Assets I release will most likely not be free; however, once I’ve learned the essentials of Blender for creating things for SGB, I’ll also have a lot of free assets available for download.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #22: Event Overlays

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 022: Event Overlays
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This tutorial shows how to create a text image as you approach certain areas. Here, approaching the front door will say "Open" and approaching Marie will say "Talk". When you move away the text will disappear. And this can be used for multiple events with different functions.

It works by overlaying an image with the appropriate text on screen. Read More…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #21:
Cut Scenes

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 021: Cut Scenes
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This tutorial’s focus is on cut scenes and how to create an effective method to use them.

The idea is to show how to set up a basic cross-map cut scene, where a knock on the door results in a message from the Temple, ultimately setting the scene for the main storyline.

It’s easy to configure the sequence of events using a single variable – not multiple switches – and activate them in order. Read More…