Battle Backgrounds (High Texture) for Smile Game Builder

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These are some battle backgrounds I’ve created for Smile Game Builder as part of the ongoing High Texture Assets series.

You are free to use these in your game, but credit to either Companion Wulf or RPG Maker is required.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #27 – Tips & Tricks (Part 4)

SGB Tutorial #27 - Tips & Tricks - Part 4
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In this tutorial for Smile Game Builder, I round up some of the requests and how-to’s I received. These are drawn from various sources (YouTube comments, Steam, Facebook and Messenger) and will continue being a theme for future Tips & Tricks tutorials.

Tutorial Video

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack, which is well worth purchasing and adding to your resources collection.

Smile Game Builder Music Box Japanese Horror Bundle Release

The Music Box Japanese Horror Bundle
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The Music Box Japanese Horror Complete Bundle DLC was release on 28 February, 2017, alongside the Smile Game Builder Corpse Party Resource Pack.

This excellent pack contains 114 files (22 for background music, 10 background sounds, 10 jingles and 72 sound effects). Each one encapsulates the emotions for creating a unique and dramatic feel to any horror-themed game.

I already have a few favorites: Past Memory, Recollection and Creeping Darkness. Which ones are your favorites?

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #26:
Zelda-Like Forest Maze

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How many of you have played The Legend of Zelda (for the NES) and remember that "infamous" Forest Maze, where you need to find your way through the forest using specific directions? If you don’t, you’ll just wander aimlessly and won’t find your way out.

As you can deduce from the title, this tutorial aims to reproduce that, where you need to go in the correct directions to exit the forest or wander aimlessly in circles. Read More…

Bug Fixes in Version

Eldritch Bug
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Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in Version

  • In FPS mode, when you place an object which can be passing through (like bridges) close to hills or stairs, the player cannot go through under the objects.
  • In 3D battle, if the lead character performs at the end of the turn, the character sometimes goes forward to the edge of the display during selecting the next commands.
  • UTF-8 based 2 bytes letters for the auto-wrapping system added. The line feed system for certain languages have been solved.

Bug Found

The following bugs have been found and will be fixed in the next update.

  • With the Teleport Event panel, after you erase the teleporting target event on the map, an error message will appear when you start editing the event including the Teleport Event panel. This event cannot be edited anymore.
    Temporary Fix: To erase the teleporting target event, change the target to "This Event" on the Teleport Event first.