New Model: Lintel for Hi-Tex House Terrains

Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Assets Showcase

I’ve been working on some lintels for Smile Game Builder so you can walk underneath to the door. This one needs a teeny bit of tweaking, but you can walk through the door. It always bothered me that there was this wide-open space above doors, so I decided to resolve it.

Lintel - Hi-Tex House Terrain Pack Smile Game Builder
Lintel – Hi-Tex House Terrain Pack Smile Game Builder

This will be included in the Hi-Tex House Terrain Pack as a bonus model when it’s complete.

2 Replies to “New Model: Lintel for Hi-Tex House Terrains”

  1. Heya Companion Wolff I love what you’re doing with the Hi-Tex tiles. have you thought about using 3 or 4 different variations of the same texture? I know it might increase your final file size, but having say 4 similar wood tiles can make the room seem more organic. Same with wall tiles, having one with say a crack on it, or some extra discoloration near the roof or something could be cool.

    No matter what, glad to see what you’ve gotten so far.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. They’re very good ideas and, yes, I’m aiming for variations and shadings. And it’s funny you should mention cracks and discoloration; those are things I have considered!

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