Smile Game Builder Tutorial #16:
Relationship System

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 016: Relationship System
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This tutorial shows how to create a basic relationship system, where the player gives gifts to female NPCs to build "likeability".

Each NPC has a "relationship rating", which, when it’s high enough, gives the option for marriage if a rainbow amulet is in the player’s possession (an idea borrowed from Skyrim). Read More…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #14:
Pictures & Splash Screen

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 014: Pictures & Splash Screen
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This tutorial showcases pictures. You can manipulate pictures to add life to your static images. These are some of the techniques I’ve learned.

There’s also a routine to add a Compass HUD to your maps, which change according to the direction you’re moving. And another section on creating basic splash screens as well. Read More…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #13:
Time and Date

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 013: Time and Date
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This tutorial is an overview add-on to the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes.

Initially, this was intended as a simple calendar system, but due to the nature of parallel events, it wasn’t working as it should. Parallel events need to be set up on each map to function properly. Read More…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #11:
Controlling the Camera

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 011: Controlling the Camera
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Camera Control is a new function available for Smile Game Builder. With it, you’re able to use cameras to create some stunning effects, such as for cut scenes and map panning.

Also in this tutorial is a quick event setup to allow you to view conversations from the first-person perspective, switching between characters as they talk. Read More…