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SGB Assets

These are all the assets I’ve created for Smile Game Builder. Over time, more will be added,. Everything from terrain to models (once I’ve mastered Blender) will be placed here.

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SGB Assets Dimensions

These are the standard assets dimensions for images in Smile Game Builder (including some of my own notes). It does not contain sizes for models or model assets. 2D Characters Standard size 48×64, comprising 3 frames across and 4 rows down (up, down, left and right). Larger or smaller sizes can be used with appropriate […]

Free Assets

If you use these resources in your projects, be sure to read the Terms of Use first. Here are some free SMILE GAME BUILDER assets. Feel free to download and use any or all of these in your projects.
Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Assets Models

Hi-Tex Assets Packs

These are the assets packs I've created, available as part of the Hi-Tex Assets range for SMILE GAME BUILDER.
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Terrain Assets

This is where the terrain assets I’ve created for SGB will go. I’m putting them into categories, notably the Old Ruins and Castle ones.