Hi-Tex Assets - Furniture Pack Vol. 2

Hi-Tex Furniture Pack (HSP) Vol. 2

Release Date: Scheduled for September 2018.

Price: $5.99

The theme for the Furniture Pack Vol. 2 is mainly bookcases and book contents. Each bookcase model comes in 3 textures (Mahogany, Oak and Pine).


The default bookcases in this pack are slightly narrower than the defaults in SGB.

  • BKCASE-01 – Mahogany textured
  • BKCASE-02 – Oak textured
  • BKCASE-03 – Pine textured


All book models are modular, designed to fit into the bookcases in a certain way for flexibility and variety. The books in this pack all have 5 modular types (Full, Partial, and Top, Middle and Bottom shelves).

  • BOOKS-01 – Encyclopedia
  • BOOKS-02 – Various colored books
  • BOOKS-03 – Open books and book stacks (which can also be placed on floors)
  • BOOKS-04 – Loose sheets, burnt books and miscellaneous books


Non-book decorations for bookcases will be included in this pack once they’re created. As with the books, these will be modular for different variations.

  • Various potions and bottles
  • Crockery (plates, bowls, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous decorations
Total Assets in Pack: TBD
Hi-Tex Assets - Furniture Pack Vol. 2
Hi-Tex Assets – Furniture Pack Vol. 2