SGB Discord

This page is dedicated to the "unofficially official" SMILE GAME BUILDER Discord Version 2.0. Note: There is a Japanese chat channel also.

After what happened to the previous SGB Discord server, I recreated it with the notion that it’s rising out of the ashes like a phoenix, reborn and renewed.

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This is a list of all the channels that the SMILE GAME BUILDER Discord server has to offer. As more channels are added, this section will be updated. Continue Reading →
SGB Discord Promotion


The rules for the SMILE GAME BUILDER Discord server are simple. Please read through them and follow them to maintain a pleasurable and fun environment. Continue Reading →
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Sharing Guidelines

These are guidelines for sharing assets and resources, including those created with programs, with SMILE GAME BUILDER in mind.
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Discord Commands

These are the available commands (the case is not important) for the SGB Fenix Discord server. [] mandatory parameter; <> optional parameter. Note: The bot is referenced, so if certain Continue Reading →