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Discord Commands

These are the available commands (the case is not important) for the SGB Fenix Discord server. [] mandatory parameter; <> optional parameter.

System Commands
  • !Help – (SGB Fenix) A list of all the available commands.
  • !Members – (SGB Fenix) View how many members have joined the server and how many are online/offline.
  • !User-Info <@user> – (SGBot) Displays the current date and time.
Search Commands
  • !Twitch [search] – (SGBot) Search for any streamer on Twitch.
  • !YouTube [search] – (SGBot) Search for YouTube users or videos.
  • /Giphy [search term] OR /Tenor [search term] – (SGBot) Use this to find animted GIFs to use (based on search term).
Rank/Level Commands
  • !Levels – (SGBot) Get a link to the leaderboard.
  • !Rank <optional member> – (SGBot) Get the rank of anyone in the server.
Fun Commands
  • !Q – (SGBot) Random quotes from other game developers!
  • !FlipCoin – (SGB Fenix) Flip a coin!
  • !GenNumber [minimum number] [maximum number] – (SGB Fenix) Generate a random number between a range of values.
  • !Ask [update|version|date|for beer] – (SGB Fenix):
    • update – Displays update information.
    • version – Displays SGB/Unity Exporter versions.
    • date – Displays the current (local) date and time.
    • for beer – Shows random beer memes (currently only one).
Admin/Moderator Commands
  • !Channel-Info – Information about the channel you’re in.
  • !Role-Info – Information about a specific role.
  • !Ban [member] (optional reason) – Bans a member from the server.
  • !TempBan [member] [duration] (optional reason) – Temporarily bans a member from the server.
  • !Clear (optional member) [count] – Clears user messages or number of messages in a particular a channel.
  • !Infractions [member] – Displays how many infractions this member has.
  • !Kick [member] (optional reason) – Kicks a member from the server.
  • !Mute [member] (optional reason) – Mutes a member in the whole sever.
  • !TempMute [member] [duration] (optional reason) – Temporarly mutes a member in the server.
  • !Server-Info – Provides detailed information about the server.
  • !SlowMode (optional timeout) (optional off) – Enables/Disables slowmode in a channel.
  • !unban [member] – Unbans a previously banned member.
  • !unmute [member] – Unmutes a member.
  • !user-info (optional member) – Gives information on a certain member (self if not specified).
  • !warn [member] (optional reason) – Warns a member.

Note: The bot is referenced, so if certain commands aren’t available that means the bot is down temporarily.