Smile Game Builder Tutorial #30: Tips & Tricks – Chests (Part 2)

SGB Tutorial #30 - Tips & Tricks - Chests - Part 2
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This is a continuation tutorial of my previous Tips & Tricks (#29) video on Chests.

Tutorial Video

Some of these techniques are simple and straightforward, but (as I mentioned in Part 1) this is intended as a comprehensive guide, based mostly on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker.

The subjects covered are:

I’m taking a break from the Chests Tutorial for a while, but will revisit it in the future. For next week’s update, I may return to the Crafting system, but it depends on several factors, including SGB updates and whatever inspiration strikes between now and then.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) – Part 1

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 029: Tips & Tricks (Chests - Part 1)
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This Tips & Tricks video is a multi-part tutorial on treasure chests.

The aim of this tutorial is to be as comprehensive as possible with as many methods as possible to add some dimension to your games.

Video Tutorial

It’s mostly based on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker, converted for Smile Game Builder. Some methods from RPG Maker aren’t viable in SGB, but I’ve included them for consistency.

The sections covered in Part 1 are:

Part 2 will continue in next week’s tutorial, including evading/disarming traps and defeating all monsters before the chest appears.