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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X04: Ignaz's Money
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X04: Ignaz’s Gold

The new Smile Game Builder Tutorials Extra #X04 video is online at YouTube.

This one focuses on Ignaz’s money (from Tutorial #6), this time a randomised amount before he will join the party.

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Phone Custom Menu for SMILE GAME BUILDER

One of the side-projects I’ve been working on is a "useable phone", where you can call a phone interface and select its apps to toggle certain settings ON or OFF (such as Party Train) and call certain functions (such as the Save Menu) from within SMILE GAME BUILDER.

Development History

SGB Phone Custom Menu
SGB Phone Custom Menu
While development initially began more as an experiment for a unique icon-driven custom menu, I quickly realised how much it resembled a cellphone layout, with all its apps neatly laid out on-screen.

So I began redesigning the layout and interface to look more like a typical cellphone. And I began planning which features could be used as apps.

Although it’s still a work-in-progress, I will continue work on it over time. There are plenty of bugs and some of the routines don’t quite function as intended, so I still have a long way to go before a fully functioning phone custom menu.

Some app functions, such as the Equipment and Jukebox, may not be viable or achievable, so they might need removing or replacing.

Custom Menu Online Classes/Tutorials

At the end of July to the beginning of August, I’m going to start work on a series of courses or online classes dedicated to creating custom menus for SMILE GAME BUILDER, which will be available on the Gnome Treasure store.

During the course, you’ll learn how to create unique custom menus from start to finish, from a simple "settings menu" to something more complex like the phone custom menu.

I’m not sure of pricing or format yet, but that’ll develop over time, and I’ll make the announcements here and on Twitter.

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I’ve Officially Joined the Smile Game Builder
Summer 2020 Game Jam

Yes, that’s right! I have officially joined the SMILE GAME BUILDER Summer 2020 Game Jam, hosted by AmalgamAsh.

This is the first game jam I’ve entered. I wasn’t going to enter at all, but I figured why not?

I’m constantly asked why, if I’ve been with SGB since the beginning, haven’t I produced any games? It’s a valid question.

Aside from creating my SGB Tutorials, part of the problem with entering game jams (and the reason I haven’t entered any yet) has been motivation and focus because…life and work, y’know! Hence, this game jam will provide the opportunity to refocus and fuel the motivational drive and determination to publish a game, even a short one or a demo at this point.

So my official entry into the Game Jam is Enigma of the Wulf, which is a short mystery-drive game. It mostly uses the default models, with a few additions from the Type-B Friends with Symbols and G-Style Modern City Resource Pack Vol. 1 DLCs.

I won’t divulge too many details yet, but will continue working on it on my days off until the end date (maybe before then).

If development on the game continues after the Game Jam ends, I’ll further expand the storyline, create new models – including animations – and assets for it, and create a separate section here and on GameJolt for progress update.

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Summer 2020 Game Jam | SMILE GAME BUILDER

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Summer 2020 Game Jam is now on! Submissions open from July 19th 2020 at 6:00 AM to July 31st 2020 at 6:00 AM.

The game jam is created by AmalgamAsh, whom you might know from his SMILE GAME BUILDER Playthroughs.

Let’s make games, demos, experiences, proof-of-concepts, or shareable battle systems / puzzles / maps!

So why not show off your game design skills and enter the jam? And have fun while doing so!

I’ll look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

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SMILE GAME BUILDER Update Version 1.12.5

SMILE GAME BUILDER has been updated to Version 1.12.5. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to do a proper showcase video on this yet.

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X03: Marie's Flowers
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X03: Marie’s Flowers

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra X03: Marie’s Flowers focuses on fetching Marie’s roses so she will join you. There’s a neat feature – MMORPG style – where the flowers have a "particle effect" that’ll disappear when you collect a rose.

Video Tutorial

Tutorials Extra Part #X04

The next part of the Tutorials Extra series will focus on Ignaz, who (in the original tutorial) requested money before he would join. He wanted a fixed amount, but this time he’ll request a random amount.

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X02: Recruiting Marie
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X02:
Recruiting Marie

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X02: Recruiting Marie video is up on YouTube.

Marie requires flowers before she will join the party. This tutorial sets her conditions up and, when you have her flowers, her name gets crossed off the recruitment note (from Part 1) after she joined.

Video Tutorial

Tutorials Extra Part #X03

The next part of the Tutorials Extra series focuses on the flowers "fetch quest" for Marie, with an additional particle effect indicating where the flowers are (in the same style as many MMORPGs).

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorial #68: Message Control Characters (Part 1)
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Message Control Characters (Part 1)

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorial #68: Message Control Characters (Part 1) is uploaded to YouTube. It goes through using the control characters from page 110 of the manual to insert variable and string values in messages.

Message Control Characters (Part 1) Video Tutorial

Message Control Characters (Part 2)

The next part will cover more control characters, this time messages and text decoration from page 116 of the manual.

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Relationship Sim – “Select A Girl” Custom Menu Demo #1 – SMILE GAME BUILDER

Here is the first demo of Relationship Sim‘s "Select A Girl" custom menu, where you can see the girls’ relationship stats. It’s still a work-in-progress, but as game development continues, so too will this menu.

“Select A Girl” Custom Menu Video Demo #1

What Is "Relationship Sim"?

For those who don’t know already, Relationship Sim is a game I’m developing for SMILE GAME BUILDER.

It was originally inspired by Tutorial #16, which demonstrated how to create a basic relationship system. I decided to expand on that idea and build a full relationship system, where choices matter and affects relationships with other people.

However, game development on it halted in favour of other games and projects. Eventually, it came full circle and I decided to continue with this game first – and finish it – before moving onto other games and, possibly, other engines.

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X01: Recruitment Note
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X01:
Recruitment Note

The Tutorials Extra X01: Recruitment Note for SMILE GAME BUILDER has been published on YouTube.

In this video, the player can view a note listing the party members’ requirements before joining. Their names are then crossed off the list when they’ve joined the party.

Video Tutorial

What Is the Tutorials Extra Series?

The Tutorials Extra is a series of videos comprising short bite-sized videos aiming to update my older tutorials, each following on from its predecessor. Each video also contains additional methods and enhancements, building on the original tutorials on which they’re based.