Smile Game Builder Tutorials
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Announcing Tutorials

This is just a quick announcement regarding future tutorials.

From now on, although I’ve written many in advance, I won’t announce the week’s Smile Game Builder tutorials, as this seems subject to change frequently.

For the next few weeks, I’m going through the comments, requests and how-to’s I’ve received. And then put them in tutorials (if they’re viable). With some, I’ll revisit previous tutorials and show alternative methods.

I also have a number of "surprises" in store, notably during the weeks I have off.

Smile Game Builder Tutorials
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Create A Map Item Tutorial Video

Daniel Rottinger is creating some awesome tutorials on his channel SmileGameBuilding.

Video Tutorial

One of them is using Agility as a method to display an overhead map from an item.

This is a very cool way of doing it. I wouldn’t have thought to use stats this way, but the characters and stats is an area I haven’t touched yet.

Hence, I’d like to give him a shout. Be sure to visit his channel for more videos. I’m sure there will be plenty more!

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 025: Basic Crafting System (Mining)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #25: Basic Crafting System (Mining)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is a continuation of last week’s a href=”” title=”Tutorial 24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking) | Smile Game Builder”>Basic Crafting System (Cooking), this time focusing on Mining.

Tutorial Video

This is a complete setup with a Mine (for ores) and a Smelter (for ingots) for you to craft weapons, armor or tools. You can then use the Cooking template to create your own items.

Although I’ll revisit this much later to include some more "advanced" techniques for mining ores – things like timers to refresh ores, pickaxes breaking and random gems – I’m leaving the crafting system for awhile.

Jackson Meira’s Resources

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s House Building Pack, which I used for the Smelter. Be sure to visit his sites and give him some support, as he mostly creates his resources for free.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 024: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)

In this tutorial, I’m setting up a basic crafting system, specifically for cooking, using eggs and lemon balm as the ingredients. You need to have a recipe book before you can make anything and, with the correct ingredients, you can create a fried egg, an omelette (I spelled it incorrectly in the tutorial) and a healing potion.

Tutorial Video

Crafting System Expansion

This is part of a larger system that includes mining, fishing and general crafting. And it’s something that can be greatly expanded as time goes on.

I’ll revisit this some time in the future.


Incidentally, I used the table – a "magic table" – for cooking because the stove (where you normally cook things!) is being used for another part of this tutorial, an expansion of this Cooking system.

In Vitra - Smile Game Builder
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In Vitra – Upcoming SGB Game

In Vitra is a game in development for Smile Game Builder. Its release date has been set for March 25 and it’ll be available in English, Japanese and German. And it looks awesome and a lot of fun to play!

Game Synopsis

In Vitra - An SGB Game In Development
In Vitra – An SGB Game In Development
In Vitra is a fantastic role-playing game with a turn-based combat system. It will lure you into the mysterious world of Vitra.

In Vitra - In-Game Snapshot
In Vitra – In-Game Snapshot
After years of relentless battles against horrible monsters, finally, peace seems to return to Vitra – when suddenly a strange illness spreads throughout the land. When his grandmother is struck by a serious disease, young Noa and his friend Luke embark on a quest for a cure. But their adventure turns out to be more challenging than they thought. To prevent the plague from spreading even further they have to trace it back to its true origin.

In Vitra - In-Game Screenshot
In Vitra – In-Game Screenshot
Together with the pharmacist’s daughter Lee-Belle and the young priestess Billa Noa and Luke begin their perilous journey far away from any human settlement. They have to face more and more fearsome creatures. And in the course of their adventure the four friends surprisingly come across an even bigger secret.

Join our four friends as they venture deep into the lush green lands of Vitra. Discover a fantastic world full of monsters and mysteries. Find out more about Vitra’s dark past and reveal the well-kept secret of the dangerous affliction.


  • Experience a fantastic top-down role-playing game
  • 15 hours of pure JRPG fun
  • Immerse yourself in an exciting fantasy story full of surprises
  • Embark on a dangerous journey and solve the mystery of Vitra
  • Face dozens of lovingly designed creatures that inhabit the dark and unpredictable part of Vitra
  • Learn countless spells and skills including a tier system
  • Test your mettle with the challenging turn-based combat system
  • Enjoy a fantastic soundtrack
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Developing Branneg Guthinol – Further Smile Game Builder Assets Experiments

I couldn’t leave my character Branneg Guthinol alone! Here he is – imported and fully textured – in Blender!

Branneg Guthinol Experiment in Blender
Branneg Guthinol Experiment in Blender

The next step is to unwrap his UVs and composite them into something Smile Game Builder can work with.

And for the record, this will not be a public asset, as the models and materials are licensed through Daz 3D for external purposes, such as game development.

Regardless, this is still just good practice for me!

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Meet Branneg Guthinol – A Smile Game Builder Assets Experiment

Meet Branneg Guthinol, indeed. He is a mean-spirited, ugly-minded, obese ex-gladiator, who delights in others’ pain, both observing it and inflicting it. Once, he was lean and muscular, an indomitable force in the Arena, before he was given the rudis (the wooden sword symbolizing his freedom). After becoming a rudiarius, he capitalized on his fame and amassed quite a fortune…

Branneg Guthinol

Branneg Guthinol - An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol – An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol is another Smile Game Builder asset experiment. I just wanted to see if it worked properly. And it does!

He was created using Daz 3D Studio using the model George and wearing the Heracles outfit. The outfit is what inspired his introduction.

I doubt he’ll ever appear in any game, as it’s just an experiment and nothing else. It’s fun trying these things out for SGB. Now, if only I could make a 3D model of him!

And by the way, I also created the parchment graphic for the window to give a kind of Roman or medieval feel to the dialogue box. (I’ll cover that in this week’s tutorial.)

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When Game Dev Goes Wrong, It Can REALLY Go Wrong! Haha!

During my journey with Smile Game Builder, from its early beta-testing to its current version, and some truly strange and unexpected things have happened.

It’s a journey. One of discovery and rediscovery. Even bugs and other anomalies can teach us things, not only about game development, but also sometimes about ourselves, about our limitations and, perhaps, areas we need to improve.

Smile Game Builder Tutorials
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No Tutorial This Week

Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial this week.

Life has been so chaotic that the entire weekend disappeared, swallowed up in the chaos. As a result, everything I’d planned just couldn’t be done. As frustrating as it is, these things do happen.

In the meantime, I’ll continue gathering the questions, tutorial requests, how-to’s and suggestions. And they’ll make their way into either more Tips & Tricks tutorials or full tutorials.

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Smile Game Builder Assets Roundup (January 2017)

Now that Smile Game Builder has been out for a while, a number of modelers have been busy creating assets. I thought I’d showcase some of them, so here are a few of the more recent assets for January 2017:

House Builder PackChinese New Year PackComical Cowboy Pack

House Builder Pack

Jackson Meira is a talented modeler who has been producing some incredible free assets for SGB. One of these is the House Builder Pack, which enables to build your own stylized houses from precreated "template" models.

The pack contains three parts, each one jam-packed with models, which can be downloaded from his website. And check out his other models while you’re there. One of my favorites is the Balloon!

To keep up-to-date with Jackson’s works, including his upcoming SCI-FI Pack, you can subscribe to the Free Assets SGB page on Facebook.

Be sure to support him on his Patreon page as well. He creates these amazing models for free and, in my opinion, deserves some support for his dedication.

Chinese New Year Pack

Created by Cdaz, this free pack was created to celebrate the Chinese New Year and contains 8 Chinese dishes and 4 furniture models.

For more details, including the download link, visit its Steam page.

Comical Cowboy Pack

Also by Cdaz is this Western styled asset pack and it contains plenty of assets for you to use.

This pack contains:

  • 11 outdoor building assets
  • 8 interior furniture assets
  • 13 decoration assets
  • 3 doors assets
  • 3 Food & Drink assets
  • 9 Weapon assets

And that’s not all! To see exactly what this pack contains, visit its Steam page, where you can download it.