Otherworld: Through the Veil
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Unveiling New Smile Game Builder Game – “Otherworld: Through the Veil”

I’m unveiling my new Smile Game Builder project next month, entitled Otherworld: Through the Veil.

It’s a short supernatural thriller and is something I’ve wanted to work on for some time. It’ll contain a lot of the techniques I’ve used in my tutorials.

I’ll post more details next month, but in the meantime you can keep up-to-date with it (and other Smile Game Builder news on the Facebook page and the Otherworld MV Twitter account.

SGB Animation Experiment 2 (Door)
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Smile Game Builder Animated Graphics Sequence Experiment #2

This is another experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder, this time with a door.

This uses 30 frames, which is a bit too much, so ideally in between 8 and 12 frames is sufficient.

SGB Tutorial #30 - Tips & Tricks - Chests - Part 2
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #30: Tips & Tricks – Chests (Part 2)

This is a continuation tutorial of my previous Tips & Tricks (#29) video on Chests.

Tutorial Video

Some of these techniques are simple and straightforward, but (as I mentioned in Part 1) this is intended as a comprehensive guide, based mostly on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker.

The subjects covered are:

I’m taking a break from the Chests Tutorial for a while, but will revisit it in the future. For next week’s update, I may return to the Crafting system, but it depends on several factors, including SGB updates and whatever inspiration strikes between now and then.

In Vitra - Smile Game Builder
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“In Vitra” Released on Steam

The full version of In Vitra for Smile Game Builder is released! Get 15% off, available until the end of the month.

I’ve been playing the demo and it’s really good. I’m planning on getting this some time next month, shortly after payday!

Smile Game Builder Animation Experiments
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Smile Game Builder Animation Experiment

This is an experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder. This is only an 8-frame sequence but it runs really smoothly. I’m quite pleased with the result!

I got the fire GIF from somewhere online (can’t remember where exactly) and the fire sound effect is from Freesound.org.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 029: Tips & Tricks (Chests - Part 1)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) – Part 1

This Tips & Tricks video is a multi-part tutorial on treasure chests.

The aim of this tutorial is to be as comprehensive as possible with as many methods as possible to add some dimension to your games.

Video Tutorial

It’s mostly based on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker, converted for Smile Game Builder. Some methods from RPG Maker aren’t viable in SGB, but I’ve included them for consistency.

The sections covered in Part 1 are:

Part 2 will continue in next week’s tutorial, including evading/disarming traps and defeating all monsters before the chest appears.

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Releasing My Customized Assets Soon!

Over the course of this month, I’ll be releasing some of the assets and resources I’ve created for Smile Game Builder on its official subsite.

I’ve showcased some of them already, some of which haven’t been seen by anyone yet. These will be divided into their proper categories, such as terrains, windows and title screens, in the SGB Assets tab.

I now have quite a number of them. Most of these will be free to download. However, some won’t be, as they’re part of a larger resource pack I’m creating for some time in the future. The premium assets will still be showcased on the site, but will only be downloadable after purchase as part of these packs.

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Parchment Customized Window

Another Smile Game Builder custom window, this time parchment. It could be used for a fantasy or medieval theme.

All custom windows I’ve created will be released soon.

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Futuristic Customized Window

Some new custom windows I created for Smile Game Builder, this time with a futuristic theme. These could be used in conjunction with the SCI-FI Pack by Free Assets Smile Game Builder. Continue reading “Futuristic Customized Window”

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 028: Tips & Trick (Combat)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #28 – Tips & Tricks (Combat)

This tutorial is mainly for combat, but it includes answers to some of the FAQs and how-to’s to some comments I received.

Action Battle System in SGB

As mentioned in the video, here’s the link to the ABS Battle System.

Get Jacob’s Assets

You can also obtain the Alien and Drone characters I used in this video from Jacob’s 3D Art, where there’s a free download of his SGB assets and more.