Smile Game Builder Tutorial 031: Battle System
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #31: Battle System

This is an overview tutorial on Smile Game Builder‘s Battle System. Much of this is straightforward, but I’ve also included some of my own thoughts and insights on battles as a whole and how everything is put together.

Tutorial Video

The topics covered are:

Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil

As mentioned in the video, this is the first look at my project Otherworld: Through the Veil for SGB. This will only be a short game before I move onto the next project I have in mind.

Jacob’s 3D Art

Also shown in the video are Jacob Mann’s Alien and Drone characters, so I’d like to give him a shout here. He’s currently working on a modular dungeon for Smile Game Builder, which looks absolutely awesome!

Next Tutorials

The next tutorials will go through some of the older ones and update them with better techniques, such as doors, and finishing the multi-part ones I did. I’m not sure the order yet, but there are at least three. That said, this may change depending on suggestions and inspiration.

Otherworld: Through the Veil
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FIRST LOOK – Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil

This is the first look at the game I’m working on for Smile Game Builder. It’s a short, first-person supernatural thriller with plenty twists and turns, as well as some unique features.

Showcase Video


Smile Game Builder Tutorials
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No Smile Game Builder Tutorial This Week

There’s no Smile Game Builder Tutorial this week!

Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil

Otherworld: Through the Veil
Otherworld: Through the Veil
This is primarily because of development on Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil.

It’s a project I wanted to create for a long time and, with everything I now know of SGB (including through the tutorials), it’s achievable.

Many of the techniques I demonstrated in some of the tutorials will also be used in Otherworld SGB.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

You can have the BEST time management skills in the world, but Time is a hungry, fickle mistress, who will throw at you things that consume the most time, thereby, distracting you.

And, despite having 11 days off, they went by far too quickly. Everything I’d intended to achieve during this time was very particular, with each item allotted a specific timeframe.

Time is a hungry, fickle mistress, who will throw at you things that consume the most time…Companion Wulf
However, as always, things like debugging and designing graphics often means that you’ll go over your allocated time slots.

Unfortunately, this means 3 of the planned showcases (including SGB resources and games) have been pushed back.

I’m back to work tomorrow, with the usual routine of having 2-3 days to work on anything project- or game-related. It’s NOT the "job of my dreams" – game development is! – but, hey, it pays the bills!