Smile Game Builder Tutorial 040: Customizing Graphics - Terrain
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #40:
Customizing Graphics – Terrain

This week’s tutorial is a how-to for creating basic terrains in Smile Game Builder. This isn’t anything fancy, like animated terrains, just the anatomy of a terrain. I use several sizes in this tutorial to demonstrate how they work in SGB and give my own insight on creating your own terrains.

Tutorial Video

Xye’s Seamless Terrain Tutorial

Another method I mentioned in the tutorial is Xye’s excellent Seamless Terrain Tutorial. This is a really good tutorial I’d recommend you read through.

House Builder Pack 6
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House Builder Assets Pack 6 for Smile Game Builder Released

My friend Jackson has released his new House Builder Pack for Smile Game Builder. It’s a modern style, but I’d recommend you try the others in his HBP series as well!

In fact, why not check out ALL of his assets and resource packs? They’re well-designed and fit snugly into your SGB games!

He creates these awesome models for free so, while you’re at it, please do show your support on his Patreon.

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No Smile Game Builder Tutorial This Week – Extra Shifts!

Life has become chaotic again, primarily with extra shifts at work, so I haven’t been able to prepare any Smile Game Builder tutorials this week.

That said, I have been working on "scripts" (rough notes) for it. So, next week’s video tutorial will be a how-to on Creating Terrains. I’m only covering the static, non-animated terrains; I’ll save the animated terrains, like water and poison, for a later tutorial.

And I’ll try and write a blog article on Switches Wednesday/Thursday. (Things should return to normal next week anyway.)

SGB Article - Upcoming Videos & Tutorials
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Upcoming Smile Game Builder Tutorials

As many of you know by now, I do plan my tutorials in advance, so the next planned Smile Game Builder tutorials right now (in no particular order) are:

  • Creating and importing assets – terrains (video)
  • Creating a quest system (video)
  • Advanced variables – 3D cameras (blog)
  • Creating a crime system (video)
  • Creating HUDs (video and blog)

These are all subject to change, but these are the immediate plans I’ve laid out. Notwithstanding my work schedules, blog posts are usually Wednesday/Thursday and video uploads are usually Sunday/Monday.

3D Character Editor - Smile Game Builder Update 1.8
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3D Character Editor – Smile Game Builder Update 1.8

Yes, it’s true! SmileBoom has released Smile Game Builder‘s awesomest update to date – a 3D Character Editor! – along with a few other updates.

SGB 3D Character Editor DLC - Steam Store
SGB 3D Character Editor DLC – Steam Store
  • We’re proud to bring you our newest batch of DLC–the "3D Character Editor". As we stated on our June 23rd press release, those that purchased SMILE GAME BUILDER before the summer sale will get this DLC for free.
  • 3D models made with MQO format can now be imported. (Beta Version)
  • The main interface of SMILE GAME BUILDER can be edited with an external file. The text will be unofficial, but this feature will enable you to make the UI available in multiple languages.
  • In "Edit Game Data" > "Game Terminology", some uneditable words within the games can now be edited.
  • Added a new command, "Allow/disallow player from running".
  • Added a new command, "Change the Player’s Movement Speed".
  • You can now change the display location of windows for shops, inns and choices from the event panels.
Smile Game Builder Facebook

I will be showcasing the 3D Character Editor this week (probably as Sunday’s regular slot), as well as its other updates.

Smile Game Builder Tutorials - Thumbnail
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No Tutorial Update This Week

There is no Smile Game Builder blog or video tutorial this week.

Life has become chaotic again. Not only have I been working extra shifts, I’ve also been so focused on my RPG Maker MV project, The Gladiator Program MV and its graphics that time just evaporated.

Things should get back on track next week. And I’ll continue with the blog articles and video tutorials and showcases.