Xmas Vol. 1 Pack Promo by Serenity Game Studios
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Win Xmas Vol. 1 Assets Pack by Serenity Game Studios

For a chance to win Serenity Game Studio’s Christmas Pack, simply enter "Happy Christmas" in your native language in the comments. You can also comment on the YouTube video or Twitter.

Closing Date

The closing date is Sunday 17 December 2017 at midnight BST. All names will be put in a hat – literally! – and one winner will be drawn at random.

What’s In the Pack?

  • Christmas Trees: 3 Sizes each with snow and without
  • Garland: With and without Christmas socks
  • Christmas Socks: Single for inside and outside in 5 variations each
  • Gifts: 18 individual gifts in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (72 pieces)
  • Gift Heap: 2 gift heap + 2 with Christmas tree
  • Bonus: Snowman Charset in 4 sizes
  • Bonus: Reindeer Charset in 2 sizes
  • Bonus: Penguin Charset 2 sizes, 2 walk animations
  • Bonus: Icebear Charset 2 sizes
  • New Item: Gingerbread Man/Girl for Floor, Counter and Table, including male/female small, medium and large sizes
  • Cookies!
  • Santas Sleigh: 4 versions
Smile Game Builder Autumn DLC Sale 2017
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Smile Game Builder Autumn DLC Steam Sale 2017

The Smile Game Builder Autumn Sale is now on!

All DLCs have a 20% discount during this sale (between 22 November and 28 November), so be sure to take advantage and complete your collection! Even the Smile Game Builder engine benefits from the 20% discount!

Smile Game Builder Autumn Sale 2017 - 20% Off DLCs
Smile Game Builder Autumn Sale 2017 – 20% Off DLCs
Smile Game Builder Tutorial 44 - Basic HUDs - Collect Herbs Quest
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #44: Basic HUDs – Collect Herbs Quest

This week’s Smile Game Builder video is the first in a series focusing on Head-Up Displays (better known as HUDs). In this video is a simple HUD based on item collection, where you receive a quest to collect herbs and the HUD updates according to the number of herbs you’ve collected.

Video Tutorial

HUDs Part 2

The next tutorial will be creating a fatigue/hunger/thirst system (based on a comment awhile ago), and I’ll continue with the HUD systems including HP/MP.

Additional Notes

In this tutorial, there is a flaw where if you accept the quest again, you can’t re-harvest the herbs. This is because it uses a Local Switch that is turned OFF but it isn’t turned back ON when the quest is complete. I’ll put a solution in next week’s tutorial, likely at the end of the video.

Jackson Meira Black Friday Sale
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Black Friday Sale – Assets SGB Packages

Black Friday is upon us and with it comes exceptional sales. Assets SGB is no exception. Take advantage of the Black Friday sale to get every commercial package he has available for just $50!

Assets SGB | Free and Paid Smile Game Builder Models
Assets SGB | Free and Paid Smile Game Builder Models

The models in these packages, both the free and paid versions, are high quality and would compliment your games perfectly. There are models in these packages to suit every game’s theme, from the free House Building Pack to the commercial Modular Ship!

Smile Game Builder Monthly Digest November 2017
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Smile Game Builder Monthly Digest – November 2017

This is the first in a new series of videos, the Monthly Digest, which showcases various Smile Game Builder related things – from assets to websites to games.

November 2017 Monthly Digest Video

Featured In This Video

This showcases a number of useful websites, assets and tutorials for you to utilize in your own projects:

Links Mentioned

Jackson Meira

Modular Package Collection
Free Assets SGB Website
Jackson’s YouTube Channel

Halloween Horror/Pumpkin Hunt Mini-Game

Demo Download
Video Walkthough

SorynStream’s Time System

Time System Overview
Soryn’s Time System Tutorial

3D-Dimensional Shop Models

3-Dimensional Shop
Soryn’s Simple Tutorial for Making 3D Models SGB Ready

December 2017 Monthly Digest

From next month, future Monthly Digests will be uploaded on the last Sunday/Monday of the month or, in case of holidays or work, some time during the last week of the month.

In next month’s Digest, I’ll be featuring some more of Jackson’s amazing assets, SorynStream’s new mini-game, and several other things. The topics may change, of course, but I’m trying for a variety of different SGB related subjects every month.