Smile Game Builder Tutorial 51 - Tips & Tricks (Part 8)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #51: Tips & Tricks (Part 8)

This week’s Smile Game Builder Tutorial is #51, Tips & Tricks (Part 8) is finally up. It focuses mostly on tips using the new 1.11 update.

Video Tutorials

There are two versions of this tutorial, the short version and the extended version. Extended versions have extra tips, tricks and features in them. Watch the version you prefer.

Extended Version – DailyMotion

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Short Version – YouTube

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Tutorials in Video

  • Change Character Names
  • Names in Message Windows of Added/Removed Party Members (Extended Version)
  • Random Guardians (Two Ways)
  • Random Guardians (One Way)
  • Inventory Slots

Reasons for Two Versions

This will become the norm from now on: A "smaller" version for YouTube and an "extended" version elsewhere. (I’ll write an article on the reasons for short and extended tutorial versions to explain the logic behind this a bit later.)