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Changes to Smile Game Builder
Hi-Tex Packs Content

As part of a restructure of the Hi-Tex Assets Packs for Smile Game Builder, I decided to reorganize the contents of the assets packs. I also changed the numbering system; this is to improve integration when new volume packs are added.

Ground Terrain Pack Vol. 1

The Ground Terrain Pack Vol. 1 contains 81 terrains in total.

Hi-Tex Ground (GRO) Pack Vol. 1
Hi-Tex Ground (GRO) Pack Vol. 1

¶ The number of variations has been reduced as it was deemed that there were too many of them. Instead, I opted for less that can be expanded more in future packs.

House Pack Vol. 1

This pack contains a total of 287 assets. These are designed specifically as indoor walls.

  • 001-STUCCO (Terrain)
  • 002-REDBRICK/STUCCO (Terrain)
  • 003-ORANGEBRICK/STUCCO (Terrain)
  • 004-STONE (Terrain)
  • 005-LINTEL (Models)

¶ 001 through 004 each have 71 variations with different cross-beams and 005 are models designed to fit above doors.

Furniture Pack Vol. 1

At the moment, the Furniture Pack Vol. 1 contains 42 models, which may or may not be expanded later.

It has 3 types of chair (Mahogany, Oak and Pine), both normal and cushioned, in various poses (Normal, Overturned and Ruined). It also has matching tables (Square, Long and Round) and 3 paper decorations designed to fit on top of the tables (Plain, Symbol and Writing).

Furniture Pack Vol. 2

The furniture models in this pack are currently being revamped, but it will contain matching chairs from the Furniture Pack Vol. 1. These are designed to sit upside down on top of the tables (Single and Dual).

And it adds more paper table decorations (Bloodstained, Handprint and Bloody Handprint).

Although it currently has 15 models, I plan on adding more later.

Furniture Pack Vol. 3

In the Furniture Pack Vol. 3, the focus is on bookcases and pictures.

Bookcases match the previous packs (Mahogany, Oak and Pine) and the books are modular so can be stacked on the bookcase events in SGB, filling the entire shelf, partially filled shelves or having the top, middle or bottom shelves filled.

For the pictures, all artwork (except for the 2 maps) were created by my other half, Tina, who gave her permission to use them.

Release Date

I plan on releasing these packs over the course of next year, starting with the Ground Terrain Pack Vol. 1 and the House Pack Vol. 1.

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