Major Changes to the SGB Athenaeum
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Major Changes to the Athenaeum!

Regular visitors to the SGB Athenaeum will have noticed some significant changes to the site, noticeably its new layout. Over time, I’ll change its theme (once I’ve settled on something that works).

Menu Changes

While most of the main navigation menu will remain intact, the SGB Tutorials and SGB Assets pages will be tweaked.

Site Updates

Updates to the site have definitely been lacking.

I definitely aim to change that, especially with regular new Smile Game Builder content being produced by Amalgamash and others.

As an additional note: Many of the posts do not have thumbnails. That means that, with this new theme, they’ll appear as a gray box. If I find the time I’ll update them, but will create them for each post from now on.

Quietus v0.3.7 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Quietus: Psychobiography (A Look At v0.2) – AmalgamAsh’s Viewpoint

I’ve been working on a SMILE GAME BUILDER game, Quietus, on and off for some time. I gave Amalgamash permission to do "progressive updates" videos.

Quietus v0.2 Update Video

This video focuses mainly on the menu for v0.2 (although he erroneously titled it as v0.3).

There Are Bugs!

I’m aware of the bug where the map/character moves in the background with the menu. That has since been fixed.