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Quietus: Psychobiography – A look at the Quietus 0.3.7 UPDATE

AmalgamAsh‘s "progressive updates" review of Quietus v0.3 (which he’s conveniently cited as v0.3.7) is on YouTube.

Watch the Video

On the Points Made

Addressing some of Ash’s points, I overlooked the "missing" desk, but will resolve in the next version.

For now, I won’t create custom models, using the default models and others’ assets instead. I currently have an unresolved and unresolvable issue with Blender to SGB, which has me stumped!

A final point: Quietus IS my primary focus. Development on Quietus will supersede development on Enigma of the Wulf and Otherworld: Through the Veil. Incidentally, plans to migrate the latter to the Unreal Engine are underway.

Working on Quietus is actually a form of "bereavement creativity", a kind of catharsis, especially after my Dad’s and Grandfather’s deaths, as many elements in the game being actual events, incidents, emotions, and memories, etc. in my own life. It isn’t a life story, but rather a "psychoanalysis", defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as:

A method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions during which the patient is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences and especially about early childhood and dreams.

Version 0.4

I have no release date timeframe for v0.4, although the goal is within the next two weeks (at the time of this post).

Bearing in mind, I work 4 nights now, which means 3 days to work on Quietus’s development.

SMILE GAME BUILDER Wonder World Model Pack
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Wonder World Model Pack

A new SMILE GAME BUILDER assets pack, the Wonder World Model Pack, has been released for $20.

"SMILE GAME BUILDER Wonder World Model Pack" is a resource pack of 3D models and terrain textures created by one of SMILE GAME BUILDER’s users, "onecon", for the development of their own "Wonder World" inspired works. These various resources, created in unique colors, will add a unique essence to your story.

Terrain Textures: 190
Map Objects: 56
Character: 1