Cobwebs | 3D Models | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Cobwebs Experimentation In Smile Game Builder

Cobwebs | 3D Models | SMILE GAME BUILDER
Cobwebs | 3D Models | SMILE GAME BUILDER
I started experimenting with cobweb models in SMILE GAME BUILDER. And here’s the result.

Someone suggested awhile ago that I create cobwebs. At the time, I didn’t know how to but, as my experience with Blender grows, so too does my experience with creating SGB models.

The next step is to create several variations and styles to fit in house corners, bookcases or on furniture.

Once I figure out how to efficiently produce more cobweb models, I’ll integrate them into an upcoming assets pack, Horror Pack Vol. 1.

Market Pack Vol. 1 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Market Pack Update to v1.2 Log #1

Market Pack Vol. 1 – Update v1.2

The Market Pack Vol. 1 is receiving a major update. I decided to do this before expanding the series further.

The main goal of this update is to optimize the models and textures, especially with consistency and proper alignment in mind.

Update v1.2 Release Date

I have no set release date in mind, although I’d ideally like to finish this before the end of November.

Other Expansion Packs

For the following expansions, I’m aiming for a December/Xmas release:

  • Market Pack Vol. 1 Add-On (further expanding Vol. 1)
  • Signs Vol. 1 (attaching to the front of the market stalls)

Over time, I’ll also start creating some stall "clutter" for each type of merchant.