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How To Free Up 1000s of Switches in Your Smile Game Builder RPG Project!

AmalgamAsh brings us another very useful and unique video, this time on how to "recycle" switches (using string variables specifically) to save maxing regular switches.

Watch the Video

Expanding This Idea

Here’s an idea to expand string variables to toggle switches:

What about typing commands on a computer or console to open doors, etc.?

I already experimented with this idea, so maybe I can put it into video finally!

Market Pack Vol. 1 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Market Pack Update to v1.2 Log #2

Market Pack Vol. 1 v1.2 — Release Date

Optimization on v1.2 of the Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 is nearing completion. I deferred its original November release because I’d like to make sure this pack is as optimized as possible, especially with expandability in mind (for future packs).

The purpose of this update – as mentioned in Log #1 – is to:

    • Optimize textures to fix any incongruities and make sure they’re less "rough around the edges".
    • Optimize and properly triangulate meshes (models) for better compatibility with Smile Game Builder, and possibly conversion to other engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine.
    • Ensure that its overall theme – a kind of medieval hybrid – is consistent throughout.

And with expandability in mind, I also restructured the models’ naming conventions. In addition, each type will have its own category:

  • Market Stalls – The main market stall components.
  • Market Items – Decorative models, such as barrels and crates.
  • Stall Contents – Items that fit into or on the market stalls’ counters.
  • Container Liquids – The liquids (water, wine, etc.) that fill the containers.

I know this’ll mess things up for those who have already purchased the pack and installed the models in SGB and I apologize! I decided to do it this way primarily to make it easier when it comes to add-ons and expansions. Everything is more organized and easier to pick and choose the models.

Market Pack Vol. 1 — Add-On

The Market Pack Vol. 1 — Add-On is designed to expand the Market Pack Vol. 1 with additional models and variations on existing models. I have no set release date yet, as I’m still working on it.

I’d like to continue adding to the market until it’s as comprehensive as possible. This will continue well into 2022 before I retire from SGB and move onto other things.

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How Do RPG Making "Switches" Work?

AmalgamAsh succinctly explains how "switches" work. Although the video targets Smile Game Builder, the same applies to other RPG making software.

Video: How Do RPG Making "Switches" Work? (Global, Local Switch Explanation and Examples!)

Smile Game Builder’s "Local Switch" is the same as RPG Maker’s "Self Switch". Smile Game Builder uses 1 Local Switch and RPG Maker has 4!

Smile Game Builder Transparent Door
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Glass Door with Transparent Windows

I created a glass door with see-through glass, continuing with the experimenting with transparency in Smile Game Builder.

Video Showcase

Tutorial for SubscribeStar Patrons

A full tutorial on how to create transparent glass or windows in SGB is coming soon exclusively to monthly SubscribeStar patrons.