Bug Fixes in Version

Eldritch Bug

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in Version (taken from SGB’s Announcements page on Steam):

  • We’ve fixed an error; when you overwrite 3D characters from importing, the overwrite processes sometimes don’t work properly.
  • We’ve fixed an error on Monster Tab; when you double click the option after select "Escape" of monster’s action, it gives you an error.
  • We’ve fixed an error of "Teleport Event" panel; after you erase the teleporting target event on the map, an error message will appear when you start editing the event including the "Teleport Event" panel. This event cannot be edited anymore.
  • We’ve adjusted the button of "Continue" on the top screen.
  • We’ve fixed an error; when you use the 3D battle background "Fortress", the characters are placed in the ground during the battle.
  • \Variable[x], represent a variable content with in the sentence, can be used on "Display Ticker Test" panel.
  • We’ve fixed an error on an event panel, “Advanced Variable Box Option”; if assigned characters or items were deleted from "Edit Game Data", these events might not be able to edit.
  • We’ve fixed the priority usage of system images; use placed materials within the game such as "Game Over" image.
  • We’ve fixed an error; when you change the configuration from the top screen, it doesn’t reflect it for the game.

Author: Companion Wulf

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