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Customizing Windows – Showcase

While experimenting with Smile Game Builder‘s graphics, I decided to try and beautify the windows. And this is the result.

Video Showcase

I thought I’d share this, but I’m going to think of some proper themes!

There’s probably no need to do a tutorial on this, as it’s very easy, but I’ll write a blog tutorial later for reference.

SGB Tutorial #37 - Customizing Graphics - Message Windows
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #37:
Customizing Assets
Message Windows

In this week’s tutorial, I give some insight into customizing more of the system graphics in Smile Game Builder, specifically message windows. This includes normal message windows, dialogue windows and the status window.

Video Tutorial

Message windows are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing system assets. In Tutorial #30, I covered graphics not directly importable via Add Assets. They are the Game Over image, equipment items (status screen) and message wait cursor (animated).

Branneg Guthinol

Also mentioned in this tutorial is Branneg Guthinol, an ex-gladiator grown fat from his successes. He will be a character in a game planned RPG Maker MV game, The Gladiator Program: Genesis (some time in the future).

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Releasing My Customized Assets Soon!

Over the course of this month, I’ll be releasing some of the assets and resources I’ve created for Smile Game Builder on its official subsite.

I’ve showcased some of them already, some of which haven’t been seen by anyone yet. These will be divided into their proper categories, such as terrains, windows and title screens, in the SGB Assets tab.

I now have quite a number of them. Most of these will be free to download. However, some won’t be, as they’re part of a larger resource pack I’m creating for some time in the future. The premium assets will still be showcased on the site, but will only be downloadable after purchase as part of these packs.

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Parchment Customized Window

Another Smile Game Builder custom window, this time parchment. It could be used for a fantasy or medieval theme.

All custom windows I’ve created will be released soon.

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Futuristic Customized Window

Some new custom windows I created for Smile Game Builder, this time with a futuristic theme. These could be used in conjunction with the SCI-FI Pack by Free Assets Smile Game Builder. Continue reading “Futuristic Customized Window”

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Final Fantasy XI Inspired Customized Window

These are some test screens for my new Final Fantasy XI inspired customized window for Smile Game Builder.

I’m very pleased with the results. And this is also available for RPG Maker.