Ground Terrain #1 – Hi-Tex Terrain Pack for Smile Game Builder

Here’s a compilation showcase of the first complete part of the Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Terrain Pack‘s ground tiles, complete with stairs and slopes. There are more, but they’ll be in separate showcases.

Ground 1 - Hi-Tex Terrain - Smile Game Builder
Ground 1 – Hi-Tex Terrain – Smile Game Builder


I’ve put them into several categories (which may still change):

  • Ground (GRO) – These are standard ground terrains, which usually comprise 4 variations (where appropriate): normal, short grass, long grass and cropped grass.

    Thus far, there are around 30-40 ground type terrains (including variations).

  • Caves (CAV) – There are two variations of caves for each terrain type: high and low.

    These are created for specific positioning and only work – and look right – for their intended purpose.

  • Walls (WAL) – These are specifically used for walls for buildings, but I’m sure they can be used for other things as well.

    I haven’t been focusing too much on the walls yet, although these are mostly "horror" themed terrains (originally intended for use in Otherworld SGB).

I’ll continue working on them, expanding the different terrain types, but probably won’t update here as often. Or at least until I have more substance.

The other terrain types I’ve started working on are ice and metal.


Because these do take some time to create, as I virtually create them from scratch (using certain textures as guides), the Hi-Tex Terrain pack will most likely not be free.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, they’ll be separately available either as a DLC through Steam or directly from the website. That’s the plan anyway.

Author: Companion Wulf

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