Halloween 2017 Smile Game Builder Mini-Game: Pumpkin Hunt

Pumpkin Hunt is a mini-game for Smile Game Builder created for Halloween 2017. Download the file and view the techniques.

The Pumpkin Hunt mini-game was created for Halloween 2017 using Smile Game Builder. It’s just a bit of fun, but this downloadable file also serves as a tutorial to see the techniques I used.


You can download the mini-game and either play it or view the techniques used from Smile Game Builder (or both). The file size is around 10 Mb, so is comparatively small.

Easter Eggs

I’ve included several Easter eggs as well, references to literature, mythology or movies; some are more subtle than others. Unless, of course, you know your stuff! See if you can find them all for an extra challenge and comment them! (Hint: There are 5!)

Video Walkthrough

You can watch the mini-game in action (a walkthrough) on my YouTube Channel directly or the embedded video below.

Companion Wulf

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