Meet Branneg Guthinol – A Smile Game Builder Assets Experiment

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Meet Branneg Guthinol, indeed. He is a mean-spirited, ugly-minded, obese ex-gladiator, who delights in others’ pain, both observing it and inflicting it. Once, he was lean and muscular, an indomitable force in the Arena, before he was given the rudis (the wooden sword symbolizing his freedom). After becoming a rudiarius, he capitalized on his fame and amassed quite a fortune…

Branneg Guthinol

Branneg Guthinol - An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol – An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol is another Smile Game Builder asset experiment. I just wanted to see if it worked properly. And it does!

He was created using Daz 3D Studio using the model George and wearing the Heracles outfit. The outfit is what inspired his introduction.

I doubt he’ll ever appear in any game, as it’s just an experiment and nothing else. It’s fun trying these things out for SGB. Now, if only I could make a 3D model of him!

And by the way, I also created the parchment graphic for the window to give a kind of Roman or medieval feel to the dialogue box. (I’ll cover that in this week’s tutorial.)

Author: Companion Wulf

2 thoughts on “Meet Branneg Guthinol – A Smile Game Builder Assets Experiment

  1. well, you sort of can? I mean, SGB would probably CHOKE at the sheer number of polygons, but if you compsite everything, and use Texture Atlas in Daz to convert all the materials down into one texture to use… Once that’s done, I’d definitely suggest “Decimate” in Blender to get the newly composite low poly version down to …like you said… Smile Game Builder format. If Texture Atlas doesn’t help, you could always take the texture maps themselves, add them to one image, and use something like Lithunwrap to get all the UV maps onto the same sheet…

    Let me know how that works out for you…

    1. Thanks for this! SGB definitely chokes on its polygon count. I’ll play around with Texture Atlas, etc. and see what becomes of it. Very useful information! 😀

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