New Model: Hi-Tex Bookcase

I’ve been experimenting with some new texture techniques, so decided to try it out in a Smile Game Builder model. And this is the result.

It doesn’t look too bad. This is part of my "secret" model theme – and there IS a theme to the models I’ve shared. This is why there’s no tutorial until Sunday (back to the old schedule), plus I’ve been updating the blog – or trying to – on and off, and bringing it up-to-date.

Companion Wulf

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Smile Game Builder Tutorials

Wed Jan 17 , 2018
<b>Important Update:</b> I will no longer be actively providing SGB tutorials on YouTube, although regular uploads will probably continue until the end of January 2018. I do have an alternative option to continue with regular SGB tutorials away from this.
Tryggr the Troll - Important Update: Smile Game Builder Tutorials