Don’t think there haven’t been updates to SMILE GAME BUILDER?

SmileBoom has been busy but fairly silent on news about updates. However, they released a tantalizing sneak peak on their Facebook page.

TRUST ME! Although there is no official release date yet, it’s going to be something worth waiting for, so just be patient. And, of course, I’ll thoroughly go through it and tutorial-ize it!

Companion Wulf

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New Smile Game Builder Game: "Confluction"

Mon Jun 24 , 2019
My new project for <a href="" title="Smile Game Builder" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">SMILE GAME BUILDER</a> is entitled <em>Confluction</em> (working title). Our destinies are fixed, but we forge our own paths. We might make choices that cause us to stray from the path of Destiny and deviate from its course, but we'll always return to it at some point. And that's the subtext for the game.