“Old Ruins” High Quality Assets Mapset

Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Bloddied Cave Entrance

A while ago (29 October, 2016, to be exact) I posted on Twitter and Facebook that a new high quality SGB mapset was in development.

It started more as an experiment than anything else, but I’ve actually been making progress on it, on and off. So I decided to share what I’ve done so far.

"Old Ruins" Gallery (So Far!)

Over time, I’ll add more to it and create a proper gallery showcase page when there are enough. Development will be ongoing on this, I think!

Blender Assets

Although I’m not proficient at all with Blender, I’m determined to be. The idea here is to create matching high quality characters and objects, and then combine into a single resource pack for you to use.

The High Quality Assets I release will most likely not be free; however, once I’ve learned the essentials of Blender for creating things for SGB, I’ll also have a lot of free assets available for download.

Author: Companion Wulf

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