Major Changes to the SGB Athenaeum
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Major Changes to the Athenaeum!

Regular visitors to the SGB Athenaeum will have noticed some significant changes to the site, noticeably its new layout. Over time, I’ll change its theme (once I’ve settled on something that works).

Menu Changes

While most of the main navigation menu will remain intact, the SGB Tutorials and SGB Assets pages will be tweaked.

Site Updates

Updates to the site have definitely been lacking.

I definitely aim to change that, especially with regular new Smile Game Builder content being produced by Amalgamash and others.

As an additional note: Many of the posts do not have thumbnails. That means that, with this new theme, they’ll appear as a gray box. If I find the time I’ll update them, but will create them for each post from now on.

Quietus v0.3.7 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Quietus: Psychobiography (A Look At v0.2) – AmalgamAsh’s Viewpoint

I’ve been working on a SMILE GAME BUILDER game, Quietus, on and off for some time. I gave Amalgamash permission to do "progressive updates" videos.

Quietus v0.2 Update Video

This video focuses mainly on the menu for v0.2 (although he erroneously titled it as v0.3).

There Are Bugs!

I’m aware of the bug where the map/character moves in the background with the menu. That has since been fixed.

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Odysee: New Video Platform for My Videos

I’m excited to announce my presence on Odysee to host my videos.

What Is Odysee?

Subscribe to My Odysee

You can subscribe to my Odysee to watch any videos and tutorials I create.

Odysee is a video hosting platform similar to YouTube and, perhaps, a viable alternative to YouTube.

In fact, it acts as a mirror for your YouTube account, but you can also upload your own videos. Additionally, you can create multiple channels more easily than YouTube instead of having one channel and several playlists.

That means that if anything happens to my YouTube Channel, there will be a backup available.

Plans for Odysee

I plan on still uploading to my YouTube account, which is syncronised with Odysee so new videos should also update there.

Additionally, I’m going to upload Odysee exclusive videos, including tutorials and game update videos, starting some time this month!

Smile Game Builder Games
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Update on the SGB Games I’m Working On

Some time ago, I conducted a poll on Facebook, on Twitter and in Discord on which game I should continue developing after the game jams they were created for.

What Were the Choices?

The choice was between:

The unanimous consensus across the board was "both". I had considered alternating development on the two games. However, it’s proving to be very time-consuming and difficult to achieve.

What Are the Plans Then?

I’m only going to focus on one, Otherworld: Through the Veil, therefore, because its entire storyline is already written and mapped out.

Both games will eventually also have their own official websites for updates.

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Assets Smile Game Builder Has Shut Its Doors

Jackson Meira has decided to close his Assets Smile Game Builder Facebook page. He made the following announcement:

I read the news with a heavy heart, but wish him well in his future endeavours. Thank you, buddy, for all your dedication and hard work, and your sponsorship.

You can still download his free assets and purchase his Infinity Pack.

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Jackson Meira’s Infinity Pack #43 – Modular Skills Rune Tree for SMILE GAME BUILDER

Jackson Meira’s SMILE GAME BUILDER Infinity Pack #43: Modular Skills Rune Tree
Jackson Meira has continued expansion of his meritorius Infinity Pack. It’s certainly grown since its inception, with something for everyone, from trees to a full hospital.

The latest addition to this excellent pack is the Modular Skills Rune Tree, which allows you to create a fully functional skills tree similar to those you see in many RPGs and MMOs.

You can purchase the complete pack from Jackson’s page for $40.

Showcase Video

And for a demo on how it works, Jackson has provided a video showcase:

An example map demonstrating how to set the skill tree system is included in the ZIP file for your convenience.

Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend this pack to anyone who wants to create a game in SMILE GAME BUILDER, so head on over to Jackson’s page and purchase the pack. You won’t regret it!

SMILE GAME BUILDER Halloween 2020 Game Jam
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Halloween 2020 Game Jam

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Halloween 2020 Game Jam is now under way! Submission starts 1 October and end 30 October (but you can start creating now).

Get those creative juices flowing and start creating!
SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X06: Lisa's Omelet
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Smile Game Builder Tutorials Extra #X06: Lisa’s Omelet

Following from the previous video, Lisa’s Eggs, Lisa wants you to create an omelette before she will join. This is the last Tutorials Extra in the Characters & Members series for awhile.

Video Tutorial

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X05: Lisa's Eggs
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X05: Lisa’s Eggs

The newest Smile Game Builder Tutorials Extra #X05 video is now online.

Before she joins the party, Lisa demands that you collect eggs from her chickens, but be careful! They’ll peck you!

SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X04: Ignaz's Money
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X04: Ignaz’s Gold

The new Smile Game Builder Tutorials Extra #X04 video is online at YouTube.

This one focuses on Ignaz’s money (from Tutorial #6), this time a randomised amount before he will join the party.