SGB Assets Dimensions

In the SGB Discord server, you can type
!info asset-sizes
for the link to this page.

These are the standard assets dimensions for images in Smile Game Builder (including some of my own notes). It does not contain sizes for models or model assets.

¶ This is out-dated in light of the update to Version 1.12.2. I’ll update with the new assets dimensions later.

2D Characters

Standard size 48×64, comprising 3 frames across and 4 rows down (up, down, left and right). Larger or smaller sizes can be used with appropriate adjustments to the Horizontal and Vertical Frames options in Animation Settings.

3D Characters

Character portraits are the large character images in conversations and/or the status screen.

Default Size: 320 x 544

Status Screen Size: 200 x 226. Portrait images are centered at the top third portion of the original image.

Battle Screen Size: Images are clipped 64 pixels from the top and 32 pixels from the bottom and scaled to fit in position on the battle screen.

Facial Expresssions

Each character has 4 facial expressions for "normal", "smile" (happy), "anger" (angry) and "sorrow" (sad). These are written as filename suffixes separated by an underscore. E.g. "chr001_normal".


"Hidden" folder defaulting to …\SmileBoom\sgb\res\character\3D\particle\texture.
Particle images can be any size, with minimum and maximum recommended sizes of 32×32 and 512×512 respectively.


Default/Standard Size: 544 x 360.

Monster images larger than the default/standard size may cause parts of the image to be clipped in the battle windows. Display sizes are adjusted according to the number of monsters in a horde and/or their front/back row positions.



Standard Terrain Size: 48 x 144, with each block 48 x 48.

The first block is for the top, the second is the surface and the third is the base. However, the maximum height of a terrain is 20 (48 x 960), with base patterns repeating. Blocks beyond the second (surface) block can be different for when terrains are raised, up to the maximum 20, and then the third block is repeated.

A terrain of 48 x 96 can also be used, but this cannot be used for slopes or stairs (as they require the standard terrain size).

Animated Terrain

Standard Size: 48 x 384.

The first block is the top and the second is the surface area. Each block is 48 x 48, comprising 8 columns and 2 rows, with each column being the animation sequence. Columns can be greater than 8 for smoother animations, up to a recommended 12 columns.

Water terrains can be expanded downwards to a maximum 9 rows (384 x 480). Technically, the number of rows and columns can be greater, but this may affect overall aesthetics.

A terrain containing more than one block segment will animated automatically.


Slope Size: 48 x 96. The first block is the top and the second are the sides.

Stairs Size: 48 x 144. The first block is the top, the second is the front and the third are the sides.

Normal terrains can be converted to slopes/stairs, but may cause texture warping on the maps.


Standard Size: 2048 x 512.

Other sizes can be used for a "wraparound" effect, but it’s not recommended as this can affect tiling.

Celestial Bodies

Standard Size: 256 x 256.

The optional "celestial bodies" (moon/sun) can also be projected onto the skybox, but their corresponding DEFs will need adjusting accordingly with the addition of extra materials.



Standard Size: 128 x 128.

Allow at least 6-8 pixels on each side for borders if displayed in a pattern style.

Bordered windows are 60 x 60, with borders comprising up to 30% of its area. These are used more suitably for tiled patterns.

Title Cursor

"Hidden" folder defaulting to …\SmileBoom\sgb\res\window.

Standard Size: 72 x 72.

This is the main cursor for the Title Screen.

Customizing the title cursor may not always work, as its specifics and display tend to be fickle, so it may be a matter of tweaking and experimenting to get it right.


Images can be any size, but sizes beyond the standard screen size (960 x 544) will be clipped.


Standard Icon Set Size: 512 x512.

Each icon set comprises 16 columns and 16 rows, with the size of each icon being 32 x 32.


Effects images can be any size up to a maximum of 2048 x 2048. Each image can be divided proportionately into sections (columns and rows), but may not exceed 64 total sections.


"Hidden" folder defaulting to …\SmileBoom\sgb\res\system.

Most System resources will need manual placement in the project’s corresponding folder because they aren’t directly importable into SGB and will be "overwritten" in-game.


Size: 64 x 64. Contains "arrow" and "arrow_selected".

"Arrow" is used in the Config menu for left/right. Only one directional arrow is required, as SGB will flip it accordingly.

Button Guide

Size: 192 x 128.

This is used in various places, notably the Menu Screen, to display standard keys/gamepad controls. These are split automatically into the corresponding parts as needed.

Circle Shadow

Size: 64 x 64. "circle_shadow".

This is the base shadow casting under objects (including characters).

Equip Icons

Size: 192 x 32. "equip_icons".

Each icon is 32 x 32. These are used in the Equipment menu for various body parts: weapon, shield, helmet, armor, accessory 1 and accessory 2.

Game Over

Size: 960 x 544. "game_over".

The Game Over image is standardized as the same size as the screen dimensions. Larger images will be clipped.


Size: 64 x 32. "logo".

The logo image can be any size within the screen dimensions (960 x 544) to prevent clipping. This can actually be imported into "Pictures" and changed in "Edit Game Data".

Message Wait

Size: 64 x 32. "message_wait".

This is the cursor for windows. It can be animated by adding an additional icon in the default’s empty space. Each icon must be within 32 x 32 pixels. And the animation will automatically cycle in a loop.

Technically, it’s possible to use more than two frames in an animated message wait, although this may not always work, as two frames are standard.

Page Icons

Size: 32 x 16. "page_icons".

Each block is 16 x 16.