SGB 18+

For those seeking mature or 18+ content, the Smile Game Builder Adult server has been set up for that purpose.

Below is a list of categories and channels we currently have. More will be added over time, no doubt!

Please make sure you follow the rules and post in the correct channels! (The Wulfy, while flexible, will come after you if you mispost. Haha!)

If you’re not sure where to place something, ask! Alternatively, you can access the link to this page in the SGB Discord using the command !Info Channel-Cats.

Announcements (4)
  • Announcements (#announcements)
    This is reserved for public general announcements and new features and changes to the SGB Fenix Discord server.
  • SGB News (#sgb-news)
    In this channel, the latest news from SmileBoom’s official Twitter feed will be displayed.
  • SGB Updates (#sgb-updates)
    A dedicated channel for updates and news of upcoming features.
  • Help Information (#help-information)
    Useful help information for the SGB Discord commands and other helpful info.
Community (4)
  • General Chat (#general-chat)
    This is for all discussions and general chat. This should not be used for support topics; these should be put in the appropriate channels.
  • Server Suggestions (#server-suggestions)
    This is for suggestions for Smile Game Builder Discord server, including new commands, new features or new channels, or suggesting improvements. All suggestions will be placed on a list and reviewed.
    ¶ Any suggestions for SGB itself should go in the #sgb-suggestions channel.
  • SGB Suggestions (#sgb-suggestions)
    This is for suggestions for SMILE GAME BUILDER only, such as improvements or new features.
  • SGB VR Chat (#sgb-vr-chat)
    The channel to discuss SGB’s VR Mode, including support questions.
Other Languages Chat (2)
  • Japanese Chat (#チャット)
    日本人の友達専用のチャットルームです。(This is the Japanese language only chatroom for all of our Japanese friends.)
  • Chat Espanol (chat-español)
    Este chat es para nuestros amigos de habla hispana. (This channel is for our Spanish speaking friends.)
SGB Support (4)
  • General Support (#general-support)
    This channel is for any type of support question, including how to do something in SGB. Also, post here if you have problems with the engine itself. Include screenshots of the error messages if you can to provide further help.
    ¶ As a general rule, if your support question is not relating to using Blender or other 3D modeling software, questions should go in this channel.
  • Tutorials (#tutorials)
    Here you can post any non-video tutorials you’d like to share.
    ¶ This can include comments on the tutorials, but to continue a conversation please post in #general-chat or to ask further questions about the tutorial please post in #general-support.
  • Tutorials Suggestions (#sgb-tutorials)
    This channel is for any suggestions for SGB tutorials you’d like someone to create.
    ¶ If any of the suggested tutorials are completed, post them in either #tutorials or #video-tutorials. This channel should NOT be used for further comments, just for suggesting new tutorials.
  • Video Tutorials (#video-tutorials)
    You can post your video tutorials in this channel for more visual follow-along guides. Please only use this channel for posting video tutorials.
    ¶ Commenting on tutorials is fine, but any follow-up conversations or questions should continue in #general-chat or #general-support respectively.
Assets/Resources (5)
  • Assets Chat (#assets-chat)
    This is for general conversation about resources and assets.
    ¶ For the following channels (#free-assets, #paid-assets and #useful-software), please only post the relevant links and use this channel to further discuss or comment on them.
    This is the only category I’m very strict with. Posts in these channels outside of sharing appropriate assets will from now on be retroactively deleted (after a reminder to move them).
    Make sure you follow the guidelines for sharing and don’t spam needlessly.
  • Free Assets (#free-assets)
    Share links to free SGB resources and assets only, whether your own or others.
  • Paid Assets (#paid-assets)
    If you’re selling assets or assets packs, you can post links to them here.
  • Useful Software (#useful-software)
    If you know of programs or other software that might be useful for creating resources, assets and other things for SGB, you can post links here.
  • 2D Sprite Chat (#2d-sprite-chat)
    This channel is for all things 2D, including support and showcasing 2D graphics.
3D Modeling (4)
  • Modeling General Chat (#modeling-general-chat)
    This is for discussing modeling in general and in a broader sense.
    ¶ Please do not post how-to questions relating to modeling here. These should go in the #blender-support or #non-blender-support as necessary.
  • 3D Models Showcase (#3d-models-showcase)
    Showcase any models you create in this channel, including pictures and videos.
    ¶ Although this channel is flexible, it should only be used for showing off your modeling skills or progress on models. Things like questions on models or longer discussions should be redirected to the appropriate channels.
  • Blender Support (#blender-support)
    This channel is only for support questions about Blender in relation to SGB models.
    ¶ Most seem to prefer Blender, so this channel should also be used for the more generic modelling questions if unsure which support channel to post.
  • Non-Blender Support (#non-blender-support)
    This is a support channel for 3D modeling software other than Blender (the most widely used), such as Maya, 3D Max, Wings 3D, and so on, in relation to converting and using models in SGB.
Gallery (3)
  • Gallery (#gallery)
    This is a general channel for sharing your artwork and projects pictures. This could also be used for general screenshots as well to keep the faster-moving channels flowing.
  • Game Screenshots (#game-screenshots)
    Share screenshots of your games or in-game models.
  • Video Gallery (#video-gallery)
    Share showcase videos of your games (in-game progress and gameplay) in this channel.
SGB Games (4)
All games in this section must be games created with SGB.
  • Complete Games (#complete-games)
    Put links to your completed games only in this channel.
    ¶ Comments on these games should be discussed in the #games-chat channel.
  • Games In Development (#games-in-development)
    Announce games you’re currently working on, including titles and links (if you have a blog you regularly update).
    ¶ Please don’t spam progress reports here, unless they’re significant version updates, of course!
  • Games Chat (games-chat)
    This channel can be used to comment on or further discuss games in the complete-games channel – or, indeed, games in general.
    ¶ This is not meant for discussions on other game engines, such as RPG Maker, although we’ll probably ignore this. Heh!
  • Game Testing (#game-testing)
    If you need game testers, this channel was created for that purpose, recruiting alpha- and beta-testers and posting links to pre-release versions. By extension, this channel could also be used for testing SGB routines, but support questions must still be put in the relevant support channels.
    ¶ Completed games can then be placed in the complete-games channel.
Game Jams (3)
If you’re hosting or promoting a game jam, this would be the channel to put them in.
¶ Game jams here must include SGB as an option for developing game jam games.
  • Game Jams (#game-jams)
    This channel is for promoting game jams you’re either hosting or participating in.
    ¶ Only SGB related game jams or multi-platform game jams that include SGB as an option are allowed in the channel.
  • Game Jams Chat (#game-jams-chat)
    You can use this channel to discuss anything game jam related (even if it’s not related to the game jams in #game-jams).
  • Game Jams Expo (#game-jams-expo)
    Share screenshots or videos of the game jam you’re currently working on here.
    ¶ Brief comments are fine in the channel, but further discussions on them must go in the #game-jams-chat channel.
Live-Streaming (2)
  • Live-Stream Chat (#live-stream-chat)
    Discuss previous live-streams from #sgb-live-streaming or live-streaming in general.
    ¶ Please use this channel for conversation about streaming only.
  • SGB Live-Streaming (#sgb-live-streaming)
    Announce when you’re live-streaming SGB, along with your stream links, so that others can view your streams.
    ¶ Please use this channel for promoting your live-stream links only.
Unity SGB (4)
  • Unity Chat (#unity-chat)
    In this channel, you can chat about anything related to Unity that don’t fit into the other channels, specifically with SGB in mind. This includes sharing assets or asset packs for Unity.
    ¶ Please make sure that questions about how to do something are put in the #unity-sgb-support channel and that you read or include the appropriate terms of use.
  • Unity/SGB Support (#unity-sgb-support)
    This is for general support for Unity/SGB and how-to’s on post-processing SGB games in Unity.
  • Unity Scripts & Editing (#unity-scripts-and-editing)
    In this channel you can share any scripts or edits of SGB games imported into Unity.
  • SGB Unity Exporter (#sgb-unity-exporter)
    This is for general support and advice for exporting to Unity itself, as well as exporting SGB games to various platforms.
Members (4)
  • Welcome (#welcome)
    New members are announced in this channel. They can then introduce themselves in the other channels.
  • Levels & Ranks (#levels-and-ranks)
    A channel for leveling up and ranking messages. This is also to keep the other channels uncluttered with level-up messages.
  • Member Status (#member-status)
    A separate channel for member-related messages, such as auto-levelling messages and the commands !level, !rank and !member-status.
  • Social Media Promotion (#social-media-promotion)
    To promote your social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) with relation to games and gaming, especially if you’re involved with SGB.
SubscribeStar (4)
  • SubscribeStar Welcome (#subscribestar-welcome)
    This is the welcome channel for my official SubscribeStar.
  • SubscribeStar Announcements (#subscribestar-announcements)
    This is the channel for major SubscribeStar announcements, such as patron (subscriber) perks and free stuff.
  • SubscribeStar Chat (#subscribestar-chat)
    This is a private channel for monthly SubscribeStar patrons.
    ¶ This won’t show up as a mainstream channel.
  • SubscribeStar Discounts (#subscribestar-discounts
    This channel is private except to monthly SubscribeStar patrons, who will receive exclusive discounts on many of my assets.


There have been a number of changes to the SGB Discord server since its inception. And there will be more as the server and community grows, including cool new features.

Part of this reshuffle means that some channels were deleted or demoted to another category, Other. These are the less popular, less used channels and also to make certain sections easier to navigate. They can still be posted to for anyone who wishes to.

  • SGB Videos (#sgb-videos)
  • Game Music (#game-music)
  • Game Concept Chat (#game-concept-chat)
  • Storyline Chat (#storyline-chat)
  • Useful Blender Add-Ons (#useful-blender-addons)
  • Member Status (#member-status)
    A separate channel for member-related messages, such as the new commands: Members and Member-Status.
  • Games for Mobile (#games-for-mobile)
  • SGB Tutorials (#sgb-tutorials)
  • Commissions (#commissions)
  • Adult Games (#adult-games) – Note: This is flagged as NSFW and viewers must be 18 years old or over to view the content.