Discord Commands

These are the available commands (the case is not important) for the Smile Game Builder Discord server.

[] mandatory parameter; <> optional parameter.

¶ I will be testing more commands, notably more to do with community, over the coming months.

Some commands using SGB Fenix won’t work (marked in red).

Wulf broke the bot.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Most of the commands are now working.

System Commands
  • !Help – (SGB Fenix) Displays a list of all the available commands.

¶ This will be displayed in the #help-information channel.

Useful Info
  • !Info [parameter] – (SGB Fenix Gives information and links on various topics.

    Available parameters are:

    • Commands – Lists all the current commands available.
    • Commands-Link – Provides a link to all the commands and their descriptions (this page).
    • Invite – Provides the permanent invite link to the SGB Discord server.
    • Asset-Sizes – Provides a quick-reference link to the SGB Asset Dimensions page.
    • Channel-Cats – Gives a reference link to all the Discord Channels, along with descriptions.
    • Tutorials – Provides a quick-reference link to all of the Tutorials on this blog.
    • Tut-Videos – shows the link for all my Tutorials & Tutorials Extra videos on this blog.
    • Rules – Displays the SGB Discord server rules.

¶ The !info tutorials command outputs to #tutorials, !info tut-videos outputs to #video-tutorials, !info invite and !info rules output to the channel you’re in, and the rest output to #help-information.

Search Commands
  • !Twitch [search] – (SGBot) Search for any streamer on Twitch.
  • !YouTube [search] – (SGBot) Search for YouTube users or videos.
  • /Giphy [search term] OR /Tenor [search term] – (SGBot) Use this to find animted GIFs to use (based on search term).
Rank/Level Commands
  • !Levels – (SGBot) Get a link to the leaderboard.
  • !Rank <optional member> – (SGBot) Get the rank of anyone in the server.
These output to the #levels-and-ranks channel.

¶ Auto-leveling also outputs to this channel.

Fun Commands

  • !FlipCoin – (SGB Fenix) Flip a coin!
  • !GenNumber [minimum number] [maximum number] – (SGB Fenix) Generate a random number between a range of values.
  • !Ask For [date|beer|coffee] – (SGB Fenix):

    • version – Displays SGB/Unity Exporter versions.
    • date – Displays the current (local) date and time.
    • beer – Shows random beer memes.
    • coffee shows a coffee response.
Admin/Moderator Commands
Admins and Moderators also have a separate set of commands, which is not listed here.

Note: The bot is referenced, so if certain commands aren’t available that means the bot is down temporarily.