Discord Commands

These are the available commands (the case is not important) for the Smile Game Builder Discord server. [] mandatory parameter; <> optional parameter.

System Commands
  • !Help – (SGB Fenix) A list of all the available commands.
  • !Members – (SGB Fenix) View how many members have joined the server and how many are online/offline.
    ¶ This outputs to the #member-status channel to prevent flooding of main channels.
  • !Member-Status [@membername] – (SGB Fenix) Check a member’s status.
    ¶ This outputs to the #member-status channel to prevent flooding the main channels.
  • !User-Info <@user> – (SGBot) View a user’s information.
Useful Info
  • !Channel-Cat – (SGB Fenix) Gives a link to the SGB Discord server channels and their descriptions (also on this page).
  • !Sgb-Asset-Sizes – (SGB Fenix) Provides a link to standard assets dimensions for images in Smile Game Builder (including some of my own notes).
  • !Tut-List – (SGB Fenix) Gives the link to the video tutorials list on the SGB Athanaeum.
    ¶ This outputs to the #tutorials channel.
  • !Wiki – (SGB Fenix) Provides a link to the Unofficial SGB Wiki fan site.
    ¶ This outputs to #helpful-information).
Search Commands
  • !Twitch [search] – (SGBot) Search for any streamer on Twitch.
  • !YouTube [search] – (SGBot) Search for YouTube users or videos.
  • /Giphy [search term] OR /Tenor [search term] – (SGBot) Use this to find animted GIFs to use (based on search term).
Rank/Level Commands
  • !Levels – (SGBot) Get a link to the leaderboard.
  • !Rank <optional member> – (SGBot) Get the rank of anyone in the server.
These output to the #levels-and-ranks channel.

¶ Auto-leveling also outputs to this channel.

Fun Commands

  • !FlipCoin – (SGB Fenix) Flip a coin!
  • !GenNumber [minimum number] [maximum number] – (SGB Fenix) Generate a random number between a range of values.
  • !Ask For [update|version|date|beer] – (SGB Fenix):
    • update – Displays update information.
    • version – Displays SGB/Unity Exporter versions.
    • date – Displays the current (local) date and time.
    • beer – Shows random beer memes.
    • coffee shows a coffee response.
Admin/Moderator Commands
Admins and Moderators also have a separate set of commands, which is not listed here.

Note: The bot is referenced, so if certain commands aren’t available that means the bot is down temporarily.