The rules for this channel are simple. Please read through them and follow them to maintain a pleasurable and fun environment.

  • Be respectful.
  • All members must be interested in Smile Game Builder (of course!)
  • Please make sure you put the right topic in the right channel, e.g. asking how to do things goes in the "support" channel.
  • Strong language and hate speech are not allowed.
  • No racist, sexist, phobic or demeaning language.
  • No politics. (This can lead to heated debates that I don’t really care for or about.)
  • Do not argue with Admins or Moderators. If they ask you to stop, then please stop. They have the power to “mute” you if necessary. (We don’t want to do this except as a last resort.)
  • Don’t use other people’s assets/resources and claim them as your own, and respect copyrights.
  • Above all else HAVE FUN!