The rules for this channel are simple. Please read through them and follow them to maintain a pleasurable and fun environment.

  1. Above all else HAVE FUN!
  2. Be respectful to others and respect their opinions, personal situations and feelings.
  3. All members must be interested in Smile Game Builder (of course!).
  4. Inflammatory or strong language, hate speech and bullying are not allowed and may result in a warning.
  5. No racist, sexist, phobic or political talk, and no spamming channels with the same posts.
  6. Please try to keep to the channel topics and respect the Admin’s/Moderator’s requests to transfer to the appropriate channels.
  7. Do not argue with Admins or Moderators. If they ask you to stop, then please stop.
  8. Respect copyrights: do not use other people’s assets/resources and claim them as your own. Make sure you read any EULAs when using any materials. Any form of piracy or pirating software or materials will not be tolerated.
  9. Problems with other members should either be addressed in DMs and not in public channels or reported directly to Admins/Moderators for further action (as necessary).
  10. If something is unclear or if an answer/comment needs clarification, ask!