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This is a list of links to English games for Smile Game Builder.

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These were entries into the Smile Game Builder Summer 2020 Game Jam (hosted by AmalgamAsh). Most of these are incomplete or in development. This only includes the games submitted to the game jam.

Also submitted was my own game, Enigma of the Wulf, which is now being developed further.

  • Enigma of the Wulf
    Developer: Companion Wulf
    Release Date: TBD
  • Hollow Bliss
    Developer: Yai Gameworks
    Release Date: "When it’s ready"
  • The Ocean Will Have Us All
    Developer: Moloch Media
    Release Date: "In the Future"
  • Relationship Sim
    Developer: Companion Wulf
    Release Date: Unknown
    ¶ Deferred until the new SGB is released.
  • Starborn: The Fallen
    Developer: Companion Wulf
    Release Date: Indefinite Hold
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¶ Some of these games, notably in the Demos, may have consistent updates.