SGB Tutorials

I’ve created a number of tutorials for Smile Game Builder. This is a complete list of my tutorials.

Note: Right now, this is grossly out-of-date and, unfortunately a few videos are missing. I’ll update this soon.

Smile Game Builder Tutorials

General and Discord Community Tutorials

These are general tutorials for SMILE GAME BUILDER, including tutorials created by others in the SGB Discord. This section is intended as a reference point...
Tutorial: SGB Unity Hackin' - VARIABLES - Smile Game Builder/Unity Tutorials

Unity/SGB Tutorials

Tutorials for SMILE GAME BUILDER projects imported into Unity using the Exporter for Unity DLC.
Variables in Smile Game Builder

Variables Tutorials

This is a new series dealing with variables in Smile Game Builder, which is an updated version of previous my posts and videos on the...
Smile Game Builder Tutorials

Video Tutorials

This is a list of Smile Game Builder video tutorials I’ve created.