Adding ReShade to Your Games

Author: Mad Stuntman
¶ Taken directly from the SGB Discord (with my own notes).

This is how you can "make your game graphics smooth and bloomy using ReShade". This is for Windows executables only.

  1. 1. Download latest ReShade setup file.
  2. 2. Download SGB Preset.
  3. 3. Copy setup file ReShade_Setup_xxxx.exe and SGB preset.ini to the folder where your EXE located.
  4. 4. Run ReShade_Setup_xxxx.exe, select your game executable file. Depends of the software where your build was created, you must use:
    1. a) Direct3D 10+ or OpenGL option for Unity build (depends of your rendering API selected in Unity). Vulcan API isn’t supported by ReShade so if you built executable file using Vulcan API ReShade will not work.
    2. b) OpenGL option for SGB public game executable file.
  5. 5. When setup will ask you for download of ReShade effects, download it, then select its all.
  6. 6. After that setup program will offer you to edit ReShade setting. All that you need is select SGB preset.ini in the very first field Preset, then you can close setup program.
  7. 7. Launch your executable file. In the top left corner you’ll see ReShade overlay and message about compiling effects. Wait for end of compiling and now your scene should show up with applied effects. Press key Home to open ingame ReShade settings. Click on Settings tab and assign Effects Toggle Key. Now you can switch effects on/off using assigned key.
  8. 8. If you doesn’t like my preset or it is badly affects on FPS, just play with ingame effects settings in the Home tab and tune effects according your own preferences and performance requirements.