Convert from Voxels to SGB

Author: JayRay
¶ Taken directly from the SGB Discord (with my own notes).

If you like using Voxels to make your cool props, terrain, and even characters for 3d nodelling, but have problems getting it to be recognized by Smile Game Builder, here’s what you can do.

You will need

How To…

  • First, get free Autodesk Meshmixer, and turn your voxel OBJ into a Hollow Form. This will turn your voxelated hundreds of tiny little cubes into one big shape, or actually just it’s outside edges. Then, with the Hollow table still open, simply click (Fill All holes). This will ensure that not only will you have a simple poly item, but also removes all those little innerds.
  • Then use the same program to Reduce Poly on that form, retaining as much of the shape as possible. Then Export as an OBJ again.. (Won’t actually be needed with Hollow and fill holes).
  • You can then bring this solid shape to a free program called Pixelogic Sculptris to smooth out and reduce polygons on any straight surface. Since it’s a solid shape, you should have no problem importing it.
  • Once you’ve reduced polygons where you wanted to and didn’t where you don’t, you can use Sculptris’ paint feature to paint your new item, or export back out to any other 3d painting program, even Blender!
Using this method you should be able to create a low-poly FBX file that retains the shape of the voxels used!