Unity/SGB Tutorials

Tutorials for SMILE GAME BUILDER projects imported into Unity using the Exporter for Unity DLC.

Most of these tutorials are taken from the SGB Discord. Some are mine, some are other members’ contributions.

SGB/Unity Tutorials

Add an Exit Option to the Title Screen

This is how to add an EXIT option to your SMILE GAME BUILDER games once projects are exported into Unity.
SGB/Unity Tutorials

Code Snippets

These are small snippets for tweaks and things too small to merit a page of their own.
SGB/Unity Tutorials

Make Exported SGB Projects Compatible with Unity 2019

The easiest way to convert your SGB exported project for Unity 5.6 to Unity 2019!
SGB/Unity Tutorials

Background Music & Sound Effects Volume Sliders

Change the appearance of the background music and sound effects volume sliders.