Planned Tutorials

This is a list of the tutorials I have planned, kind of a roadmap for future tutorials, including suggestions made in the #tutorials-suggestions channel in the SGB Discord. These are still subject to change depending on several factors, especially new software updates.

  • #68: Message Control Characters
  • #69: Advanced Tutorials (Part 3) – Trigger Variables
  • #70: Battles (Part 2)
    ¶ Includes Mystic Quest style boss battles.
  • #71: Tips & Tricks (Part 11)
    ¶ Includes Number Displayed in Variable Box.
  • #72: Battles (Part 3)
    ¶ Includes visible HP/MP in battles.
  • #73: Keyboard Shortcuts
  • #74: Advanced Variables (Part 4) – String Variables
  • #75: Updated Camera Controls
  • #76: Unity Overrides Pack
  • #77: Particle Effects
  • #78: Extra Stats Book

Tutorials Planned But Not Ordered

  • Battles (Part 4)
  • Battles (Part 5)
  • Skill Effects

Other Requested Tutorials in the Channel

Some suggested tutorials have been requested in the #tutorials-suggestions. These are still on the to-do list but, for various reasons, probably won’t be tutorialized for some time.

  • Crafting System – This will be revamped and implemented during live-streams including a custom menu to select ingredients, etc.
  • Side View Battle – While this is technically doable, it’s much more complex and involved than first glance suggests. The battles update certainly makes this more viable. However, this will take a bit of time to figure out properly and fully implement. (The ABS I currently have is quite buggy so isn’t tutorial-worthy yet.)