Video Tutorials: Complete List

Below is a list of all the video tutorials – latest first – that I have available (along with the version numbers).

¶ Some of the older tutorials are out-of-date, especially with newer updates.

Tutorials & Showcases
#68: Message Control Characters (Part 1) (v1.12.5.6)
  • #68: Message Control Characters (Part 1)
    This video goes through the message control characters, one at a time, enabling you to output variable and string values in message boxes.
    Length: 16:57
    Uploaded: May 12, 2020
#67: Features Update - Version 1.12.2 (v1.12.2.6)
#66: Advanced Variables (Part 2) (v1.12.1.5)
  • #66: Advanced Variables (Part 2)
    This new multi-part tutorial series focuses on variables, going through some basics first and working up to advanced uses of variables.
    Length: 23:16
    Uploaded: January 20, 2020
#65: Battles (Part 1) - Basics (v1.12.1.5)
#64: Tips & Tricks (Part 10) (v1.12.1.1)
  • #64: Tips & Tricks (Part 10)
    This is an overview video only of the new features and functionality for update 1.12.
    Length: 21:10
    Uploaded: December 2, 2019
#63: Update - Features Overview (v1.12.1.0)
  • #63: Update
    Features Overview
    This is intended as an introduction to some of the things you can do with the new 1.12 update before moving onto battles proper.
    Length: 17:36
    Uploaded: November 25, 2019
#62: Campsites Redux (Part 2) - Breaking Camp & Chat (v1.11.5.0)
#61: Campsites (Part 1) - Revisited (v1.11.5.0)
#60: Music & Sound (v1.11.4.6)
  • #60: Music & Sound
    Background Music and Sound, with a special focus on two minstrel events.
  • Introduction
  • Fading BGM In/Out
  • Random Music on Entering A Pub/Inn
  • Bard Plays Song on Request
Length: 20:34
Uploaded: January 28, 2019
#59: Campsite (Part 1) (v1.11.4.0)
  • #59: Campsite (Part 1)
    A two-part tutorial is inspired by Final Fantasy XV’s Campsite system, where players can relax and converse at camps. Part 1 is the basic setup and Part 2 will expand on this idea by having campsite locations ("havens" in FFXV).
    Length: 17:48
    Uploaded: September 24, 2018
#58: Tips & Tricks (Part 9) (v1.11.4.0)
  • Preset Passwords
  • "Shake n Flash Effects" Console-Like Commands
  • Creating Animated Terrain
Length: 22:28
Uploaded: July 23, 2018
#57: Local Variables (Part 2) (v1.11.4.0)
  • Compass Common Event Improved
  • Compass Item
Length: 11:10
Uploaded: July 16, 2018
#56: Local Variables (Part 1) (v1.11.4.0)
  • Random Message
  • Random Conversation
  • Wandering Minstrel (Random BGM)
Length: 17:32
Uploaded: July 9, 2018
#55: Beam Me Up, Scotty! (v1.11.4.0)
  • #55: Beam Me Up, Scotty!
    Warp gates and entering passwords to teleport to various locations. Rather like the Teleport Mirrors in Might & Magic World of Xeen.
Length: 24:49
Uploaded: July 2, 2018
#54: Game Over...Or Is It? (v1.11.3.0)
  • Change Game Over
  • Resurrect on Spot
  • Resurrect Using Variables
Length: 17:47
Uploaded: June 25, 2018
#53 - Let's Party! (v1.11.3.0)
  • #53 – Let’s Party!
    Party and party members. Thanks, notably to the Version 1.11 update, you can do much more with your party members, including the caterpillar effect we no doubt know so well from RPG Maker.
  • Party Train ON/OFF
  • Reorder/Add/Remove Members
Length: 12:13
Uploaded: June 25, 2018
#52: Passwords (v1.11.2.2)
  • #52: Passwords
    How to create and use passwords in Smile Game Builder (using new features from v1.11).
Length: 16:55
Uploaded: June 9, 2018
#51: Tips & Tricks - Part 8 (v1.11.1.0)
  • Change Characters’ Names
  • Fight Random Guardians (Both Directions)
  • Fight Random Gardians (One Direction)
  • Inventory Slots
Length: 21:23
Uploaded: May 28, 2018
#50: Special Edition (Part 1) - Revisiting & Updating Previous Tutorials (v1.10.1.0)
Length: 18:30
Uploaded: February 26, 2018
#49: Waypoints Revisited - Resurrect at Set Waypoints (v1.10.1.0)
Length: 22:53
Uploaded: February 10, 2018
  • #48 – This tutorial is, unfortunately, MISSING!
#47: Tips & Tricks (Part 7) (v1.9.2.0)
  • Appearing/Disappearing Snowman (Static)
  • Appearing/Disappearing Snowman (Conditional Variable)
  • Timed Appearance/Disappearance (Reference Only)
  • Opening/Closing Curtains
Length: 11:34
Uploaded: Jamiaru 13, 2018
#46: Exporting Games for Unity (Windows) (v1.9.1.0)
Length: 20:58
Uploaded: January 4, 2018
#45: Teleportation - Keypress & Waypoints (v1.8.2.0)
  • #45: Teleportation – Keypress & Waypoints
    Two methods for teleporting from one map to another. The first is pressing the Dash key to teleport to preassigned locations on maps, and then second is using waypoints similar in style to those used in games like Elder Scrolls Online.
    There is also a fix for Tutorial #44, where after completing the herb quest the first time, you couldn’t collect the herbs the second and subsequent times you accepted the quest.
Length: 19:08
Uploaded: January 4, 2018
#44: Basic HUDs - Collect Herbs Quest (v1.8.1.0)
  • #44: Basic HUDs – Collect Herbs Quest
    A simple Head-Up Displays (better known as HUDs) based on item collection, where you receive a quest to collect herbs and the HUD updates according to the number of herbs you’ve collected.
Length: 22:46
Uploaded: November 28, 2017
#43: Quests on Different Days of the Week (v1.8.1.0)
Length: 18:41
Uploaded: October 22, 2017
#42: Tips & Tricks (Part 6) (v1.8.1.0)
  • #42: Tips & Tricks (Part 6)
    Four more tips and tricks to try. The first two draw their inspiration from Final Fantasy VI and the other two are tweaks to make games look more interesting.
  • Moogle Charm (FFVI)
  • Storing the Moogle Charm
  • Message Image
  • Display Map Name
Length: 18:25
Uploaded: October 2, 2017
#41: Mini-Map with Player and Quest Markers (v1.8.1.0)
Length: 18:34
Uploaded: September 25, 2017
#40: Customizing Graphics - Terrain (v1.8.1.0)
  • #40: Customizing Graphics – Terrain
    A how-to for creating basic terrains in Smile Game Builder. Nothing fancy, like animated terrains, just the anatomy of a terrain, using several sizes to demonstrate how they work in SGB.
Length: 31:16
Uploaded: August 28, 2017
#39: Tips & Tricks (Part 5) (v1.7.5.2)
  • Enter/Exit in 3D View
  • Locking Moved Events After Exiting/Reentering Maps
  • Climbing Up/Down Terrain
Length: 15:09
Uploaded: July 16, 2017
#38: Creating A Public Game (v1.7.5.0)
  • #38: Creating A Public Game
    Going through the process of creating a public game, from start to finish, once you’ve created your game.
Length: 12:29
Uploaded: July 2, 2017
#37: Customizing Graphics Message Windows (v1.7.0.10)
Length: 18:02
Uploaded: June 22, 2017
#36: Tips & Tricks - Advanced Variables (Part 2) (v1.7.0.10)
  • Event Height
  • Fake Windows Error Message
  • Camera Mode
Length: 11:11
Uploaded: June 4, 2017
#35: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System) (v1.7.0.10)
  • #35: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System)
    How to customize some of the "hidden" graphics, i.e., those not directly importable via Add Assets. They are the Game Over image, equipment items (status screen) and message wait cursor (animated).
Length: 16:13
Uploaded: May 26, 2017
#34: Skyrim Styled Book-Reading (v1.7.0.10)
  • #34: Skyrim Styled Book-Reading
    Create a Skyrim styled book-reading system, where you can press the left and right keys to flip through the pages, and the cancel key to close the book.
  • Single Bookcase
  • Multiple Bookcases
Length: 16:09
Uploaded: May 14, 2017
#33: Advanced Crafting - Cooking (v1.7.0.9)
Length: 24:38
Uploaded: May 7, 2017
#32: Animated Pictures (v1.7.0.9)
  • #32: Animated Pictures
    A short and simple technique to add animated images to Smile Game Builder. These could be used for a variety of things and effects.
Length: 12:14
Uploaded: May 1, 2017
#31: Battle System (v1.7.0.9)
  • #31: Battle System
    An overview tutorial on Smile Game Builder’s Battle System and my own thoughts on it.
  • Battle (Game Data)
  • Character Stats
  • Character Battle Commands
  • Monsters
  • Monsters – Basic Settings
  • Monsters – Resistances
  • Monsters – Action in Battle
  • Spawning Monsters on Maps
  • Battle Backgrounds
  • Monster Position
Length: 31:46
Uploaded: April 23, 2017
#30: Tips & Tricks - Chests (Part 2) (v1.7.0.6)
  • #30: Tips & Tricks – Chests (Part 2)
    A continuation tutorial of my previous Tips & Tricks (#28) video on Chests.
    Some of these techniques are simple and straightforward, but (as mentioned in Part 1
    ) this is intended as a comprehensive guide, based mostly on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker.
  • Multiple Keys to Locked Chests
  • Evading Traps
  • Disarming Traps
  • Respawning Chests
  • Defeat All Monsters
  • Count # Chests Opened
  • Teleportation Chest (Portkey)
  • Teleportation Chest (Apparition)
  • Chest Blocked by Fire
  • Chest Blocked by Ice
  • Magically Sealed Chest
Length: 34:28
Uploaded: March 27, 2017
#29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) - Part 1 (v1.7.0.3)
  • #29: Tips & Tricks (Chests) – Part 1
    This Tips & Tricks video is a multi-part tutorial on treasure chests.
    The aim of this tutorial is to be as comprehensive as possible with as many methods as possible to add some dimension to your games.
    It’s mostly based on the Complete Chests Tutorial I did for RPG Maker, converted for Smile Game Builder. Some methods from RPG Maker aren’t viable in SGB, but I’ve included them for consistency.
  • Basic Chest
  • Locked Chest
  • Random Contents
  • Combination Lock (Not Quite Viable)
    ¶ In Tutorial #52 you can create a combination lock.
  • Trapped Chests
  • Picking Locked Chests
  • Monster-In-A-Box
  • Items by Character Level
  • Items by Character Level (Alternative Method)
  • Front Opening (Covered in Tutorial #14)
  • Random Gold (Not Possible)
Length: 18:02
Uploaded: March 19, 2017
#28: Tips & Tricks (Combat) (v1.7.0.2)
  • Fog of War Effect (FAQ)
  • Action Battle System (FAQ)
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield Simulation
  • Setting 3D Battle Backgrounds/Characters
  • Pokemon Style Combat
Length: 25:02
Uploaded: March 12, 2017
#27: Tips & Tricks (Part 4) (v1.0.6.26)
  • Stopping Map Autorun Events
  • Doors Revisited
  • Random Encounters or Events
  • Walking on Water or Ice
Length: 12:39
Uploaded: March 6, 2017
#26: Zelda-Like Forest Maze (v1.0.6.26)
  • #26: Zelda-Like Forest Maze
    How many of you have played The Legend of Zelda and remember the Forest Maze?
    This tutorial aims to reproduce that, where you need to go in the correct directions to exit the forest or wander aimlessly in circles.
Length: 12:41
Uploaded: February 28, 2017
#25: Basic Crafting System (Mining) (v1.0.6.23)
  • #25: Basic Crafting System (Mining)
    A continuation of #24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking), this time focusing on Mining.
    It’s a complete setup with a Mine (for ores) and a Smelter (for ingots) for you to craft weapons, armour or tools. You can then use the Cooking template to create your own items.
Length: 22:20
Uploaded: February 19, 2017
#24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking) (v1.0.6.21)
  • #24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)
    Setting up a basic crafting system, specifically for cooking, using eggs and lemon balm as the ingredients. You need to have a recipe book before you can make anything and, with the correct ingredients, you can create a fried egg, an omelette (I spelled it incorrectly in the tutorial) and a healing potion.
Length: 18:51
Uploaded: February 13, 2017
#23: Tips & Tricks (Part 3) (v1.0.6.17)
  • Simple Barrel Pushing Puzzle
  • Timed Spotlight
  • Climbing Up and Down Ladders (Realistically)
  • Switch Activated/Deactivated Trap
Length: 19:52
Uploaded: January 30, 2017
#22: Event Overlays (v1.0.6.13)
  • #22: Event Overlays
    How to create a text image as you approach certain areas. Here, approaching the front door will say "Open" and approaching Marie will say "Talk". When you move away the text will disappear.
    This works in normal and first-person views. It only applies to stationary events, not moving events.
Length: 13:00
Uploaded: January 22, 2017
#21: Cut Scenes (v1.0.6.10)
  • #21: Cut Scenes
    Cut scenes and how to create an effective method to use them. The idea is to show how to set up a basic cross-map cut scene, where a knock on the door results in a message from the Temple, ultimately setting the scene for the main storyline.
Length: 15:31
Uploaded: January 15, 2017
#20: Tips & Tricks (Part 2) (v1.0.6.6)
  • #20: Tips & Tricks (Part 2)
    Some more tips and tricks for Smile Game Builder. These are things to enhance or build your game or things that don’t really fit larger tutorials and FAQs.
  • Bridges
  • Effects Events
  • More Than 4 Choices
  • Environmental Effects Conversation Choices
Length: 18:48
Uploaded: January 8, 2017
#19: Player Direction (v1.0.6.3)
  • #19: Player Direction
    Focusing on Player Direction (a new feature added with v1.0.6.0) plus a fully functional Compass HUD using player direction and normal/first-person modes, the tutorial also shows other uses as well (chests/signs and doors).
  • Player Direction
  • Chests – Open from the front
  • Signposts – Read from the front
  • Doors – A better method of going through internal doors
  • Compass HUD – Compass moves with player direction
Length: 16:19
Uploaded: January 1, 2017
#18 New Features Showcase - 3D Battle, Player Direction & VR (v1.0.6.0)
#17: Tips & Tricks (Part 1) (v1.0.5.24)
  • #17: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)
    A short tutorial is dedicated to small tips and tricks to enhance or build your game, things that don’t really fit larger tutorials and FAQs.
  • Event Contact
  • Strafing
  • Cancel Image with A Key
  • Warp Gate Choose Location
  • Access Area at A Certain Level
Length: 10:20
Uploaded: December 23, 2016
#16: Relationship System (v1.0.5.18)
  • #16: Relationship System
    Create a basic relationship system, where the player gives gifts to female NPCs to build "likeability".
    Each NPC has a "relationship rating", which, when it’s high enough, gives the option for marriage if a rainbow amulet is in the player’s possession (an idea borrowed from Skyrim).
    It’s like a preliminary system for a larger dating system, requested by the Product Manager. And this has the potential for more growth as time goes on.
Length: 13:07
Uploaded: December 18, 2016
#15: Event Triggers (v1.0.5.13)
  • #15: Event Triggers
    Using triggers, notably the autorun parallel trigger. The idea is to set up a meeting with three characters. Once they’ve all been summoned, a message will appear telling you to return to the house for the meeting.
    A number of switches and event triggers are used to achieve the goal of this tutorial.
Length: 28:49
Uploaded: December 12, 2016
#14: Pictures & Splash Screen (v1.0.5.10)
  • #14: Pictures & Splash Screen
    A showcase tutorial on pictures. You can manipulate pictures to add life to your static images. These are some of the techniques I’ve learned.
    There’s also a routine to add a Compass HUD to your maps, which change according to the direction you’re moving. And another section on creating basic splash screens as well.
  • Compass HUD
  • Splash Screen
Length: 28:27
Uploaded: December 6, 2016
#13: Time and Date (v1.0.5.7)
  • #13: Time and Date
    An overview add-on to the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes.
Length: 27:47
Uploaded: November 20, 2016
#12: Advanced Variables (Part 1) (v1.0.5.1)
  • #12: Advanced Variables (Part 1)
    An overview of Advanced Variables, which is a newly updated function that allows you more scope when manipulating variables. It can be used for things like storing date and time, player stats and camera settings.
Length: 26:06
Uploaded: November 13, 2016
#11: Controlling the Camera (v1.0.4.42)
  • #11: Controlling the Camera
    Camera Control is a new function available for Smile Game Builder. With it, you’re able to use cameras to create some stunning effects, such as for cutscenes and map panning.
  • Camera Settings for Maps
  • Camera Zooming
  • Camera Rotation
Also in this tutorial is a quick event setup to allow you to view conversations from the first-person perspective, switching between characters as they talk.
Other updates now available are an autorun/parallel processing setting for events (which I’ve shown in other tutorials) and advanced variable options.
Length: 34:20
Uploaded: November 6, 2016
#10: Working with Conditions (Part 2) (v1.0.4.35)
  • #10: Working with Conditions (Part 2)
    Set up an event where a woman approaches the player after you have a certain item (lemon balm). She then asks if you want a potion before running off into the nearby forest.
Length: 21:05
Uploaded: October 28, 2016
#9: Working with Conditions (v1.0.1.30)
Length: 16:37
Uploaded: October 22, 2016
#8: Characters & Party Members (Part 4) (v1.0.4.21)
  • #8: Characters & Party Members (Part 4)
    Several requested options where Eldred will join: If a certain party member is in the party, if you’ve visited a certain location and if you’ve defeated a certain monster.
Length: 21:57
Uploaded: October 16, 2016
#7: Characters & Party Members (Part 3) (v1.0.4.20)
  • #7: Characters & Party Members (Part 3)
    Party member Eldred will request a random item before he’ll join the party. Note, however, you can only have 3 other party members, so you may have to put something in place to replace existing characters.
Length: 25:40
Uploaded: October 14, 2016
#6: Characters & Party Members (Part 2) (v1.0.4.15)
Length: 19:51
Uploaded: October 8, 2016
#5: Characters & Party Members (Part 1) (v1.0.4.14 )
  • #5: Characters & Party Members (Part 1)
    A multi-part video focusing on characters and party members. Each party member requires an item or condition to join, so Part 1 demonstrates how to set them up using a combination of presets and advanced editing.
Length: 19:59
Uploaded: October 3, 2016
#4: Working with Events (v1.0.4.12)
  • #4: Working with Events
    A straightforward look at using preset events and a brief overview of the events tree. This is a very basic, quick tutorial, focusing on customizing some of the preset events.
Length: 14:33
Uploaded: September 26, 2016
#3: Events Overview (v1.0.4.6)
Length: 39:46
Uploaded: September 18, 2016
#2: Creating Maps Overview (v1.0.4.2)
  • #2: Creating Maps Overview
    An overview on creating basic maps. It shows the basics of navigating the map in the editor, placement of tiles and adding events.
Length: 22:55
Uploaded: September 11, 2016
#1: Short Overview (v1.0.3.4)
  • #1 Short Overview
    A short overview of SGB, briefly introducing the engine and seeing what it has to offer.
Length: 17:48
Uploaded: September 11, 2016
Tutorials Extra
The new Tutorials Extra series aims to bring my older videos up-to-date, with shorter videos and enhancements to their originals.
#X07: Simple Text
3D Text in Smile Game Builder (Part 1)
Length: 19:37
Uploaded: 25 September, 2020
#X06: Lisa's Omelet
Characters & Party Members (Part 6) (v1.12.8.1)
Length: 11:38
Uploaded: July 14, 2021
#X05: Lisa's Eggs
Characters & Party Members (Part 5) (v1.12.5.4)
  • #X05: Lisa’s Eggs
    Lisa demands that you collect eggs from her chickens. Be careful! They’ll peck you!
Length: 13:25
Uploaded: September 8, 2020
#X04: Ignaz's Gold
Characters & Party Members (Part 4) (v1.12.5.4)
Length: 11:32
Uploaded: July 04, 2020
#X03: Marie's Flowers (v1.12.5.4)
Characters & Party Members (Part 3)
  • #X03: Marie’s Flowers
    The quest for Marie’s roses, including a sparkly effect above all collectable flowers, which disappears when picked. The sparkly effects also disappear from all the flowers once the prerequisite number has been collected.
    Length: 11:47
    Uploaded: May 22, 2020
#X02: Recruiting Marie (v1.12.5.4)
Characters & Party Members (Part 2)
  • #X02: Recruiting Marie
    Recruiting Marie, who requires 3 roses, and demonstrating how the strikethrough line works.
    Length: 7:55
    Uploaded: May 15, 2020
#X01: Recruitment Message (v1.12.5.4)
Characters & Party Members (Part 1)
  • #X01: Recruitment Message
    Creating the recruitment note listing the required items for each party member before they join. This includes strikethrough lines for members who have joined the party.
    Length: 8:44
    Uploaded: May 8, 2020
#X08: Barrel Pushing
Puzzles & Challenges (Part 1)
  • #X08: Barrel Pushing
    Push barrels into the correct places.
Length: Pending
Scheduled: July 17, 2020

Tutorials Schedule

I aim to schedule a new tutorial every Monday. Sometimes, however, keeping this schedule isn’t viable but I will certainly try.

I aim to keep video length to between 15 and 20 minutes, although at times I’ll go over. A shorter video is easier to follow than a single longer one.

Occasionally, I’ll defer planned videos in favour of new or upcoming features. And that way, when SmileBoom does implement them, it’ll become a how-to reference tutorial ahead of time. Many older videos are now out-of-date, so I added the version numbers these are referencing as well (for my own records mostly) and some of these will be updated in later tutorials.