Smile Game Builder Corpse Party Resource Pack – Promotion Video

Corpse Party Resource Pack Release

This is the promotional video I created for the Corpse Party Tenjin Primary School Resource Pack for Smile Game Builder, which was officially released on 28 February, 2017, along with the Music Box Japanese Horror DLC.

This is a brilliant resource pack for fans of the original game and non-fans alike. This DLC contains 3D models based on Corpse Party: Blood Covered, the most popular title among the series. You can now recreate the TENJIN elementary school ruins in Smile Game Builder!

Note: For some reason, the video rendered smaller than it should have. Although it was 1920×1080 HD 16:9, for some reason it didn’t expand the outputted result (as it normally does), so it appears smaller than it actually is.

Author: Companion Wulf

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