Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #1:
Short Overview

This is a new series of tutorials I’m doing on Smile Game Builder, from events to graphics to creating a project from scratch.

Tutorial Video

In this first tutorial, the focus is just on a short overview of SGB, providing a brief introduction to the engine. It gives an insight into some of its features and customizations. Future tutorials will include anything from events to graphics to creating a full game with SGB.

Next Tutorial

The next tutorial will be on creating maps (using the default assets).

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Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #2:<br>Creating Maps Overview

Sun Sep 11 , 2016
This, the second Smile Game Builder tutorial tutorial is an overview on creating basic maps. It doesn’t go into much detail, as everything is straightforward. It shows the basics of navigating the map in the editor, placement of tiles and adding events.
Smile Game Builder Tutorial #2 - Creating Maps Overview