Smile Game Builder Tutorial #13:
Time and Date

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 013: Time and Date

This tutorial is an overview add-on to the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes.

Initially, this was intended as a simple calendar system, but due to the nature of parallel events, it wasn’t working as it should. Parallel events need to be set up on each map to function properly.

Tutorial Video

Time Issue

In the video, the "issue" with adding to the time and it going beyond 24 hours is irrelevant, as there is another more effective way of advancing time for calendars. If you duplicate the time/date parallel event on each map, the time and day WILL update correctly.

Next Tutorial

The next tutorial showcases pictures, including how to set up a splash screen and compass HUD.

Author: Companion Wulf

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