Smile Game Builder Tutorial #14:
Pictures & Splash Screen

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 014: Pictures & Splash Screen

This tutorial showcases pictures. You can manipulate pictures to add life to your static images. These are some of the techniques I’ve learned.

There’s also a routine to add a Compass HUD to your maps, which change according to the direction you’re moving. And another section on creating basic splash screens as well.

Tutorial Video

You can skip ahead to these specific parts of the video:

08:58 Compass HUD
18:12 Splash Screen

Featured Links

Here are the featured links mentioned in the video:

Map/Compass HUD Script/Plugin

These are the links to my RPG Maker Map/Compass HUD script and plugin:

Jacob Mann’s Monster Natural Habitat

And here’s the link to Jacob Mann’s impressive Monster Natural Habitat.

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, the focus is on event triggers and how to set them up for cross-map events.

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