Smile Game Builder Tutorial #16:
Relationship System

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 016: Relationship System

This tutorial shows how to create a basic relationship system, where the player gives gifts to female NPCs to build "likeability".

Each NPC has a "relationship rating", which, when it’s high enough, gives the option for marriage if a rainbow amulet is in the player’s possession (an idea borrowed from Skyrim).

Tutorial Video

Video Notes

It’s like a preliminary system for a larger dating system, requested by the Product Manager. And has the potential for more growth as time goes on.

This can further be explored as an alignment system, where each NPC reacts depending on how the player treats them. And that might be the subject of a future tutorial.

Featured Assets

The Facebook page mentioned in the video is Free Assets SGB. It’s well worth visiting for some amazing SGB assets.

Next Tutorial

The next tutorial contains small tips and tricks that don’t merit their own tutorials, including cancelling an image with a key.

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