Smile Game Builder Tutorial #26:
Zelda-Like Forest Maze

How many of you have played The Legend of Zelda (for the NES) and remember that "infamous" Forest Maze, where you need to find your way through the forest using specific directions? If you don’t, you’ll just wander aimlessly and won’t find your way out.

As you can deduce from the title, this tutorial aims to reproduce that, where you need to go in the correct directions to exit the forest or wander aimlessly in circles.

Tutorial Video

2:52 Skip to the tutorial.

Development Notes

This forest maze routine was created with the very first beta version. Initially, it was going to be game-exclusive and not released publicly.

However, since the game is no longer being produced, I decided to share it because The Legend of Zelda will always have a place in my heart, a sentiment I’m sure others share as well. Hence, its shroud of secrecy.

Although it may seem complicated because of all the elements involved, it’s really not overly complex.

Companion Wulf

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