Smile Game Builder Tutorial #44: Basic HUDs – Collect Herbs Quest

This week’s Smile Game Builder, the first in a series on HUDs, is a simple item collection HUD (based on a herb collection quest).

This week’s Smile Game Builder video is the first in a series focusing on Head-Up Displays (better known as HUDs). In this video is a simple HUD based on item collection, where you receive a quest to collect herbs and the HUD updates according to the number of herbs you’ve collected.

Video Tutorial

HUDs Part 2

The next tutorial will be creating a fatigue/hunger/thirst system (based on a comment awhile ago), and I’ll continue with the HUD systems including HP/MP.

Additional Notes

In this tutorial, there is a flaw where if you accept the quest again, you can’t re-harvest the herbs. This is because it uses a Local Switch that is turned OFF but it isn’t turned back ON when the quest is complete. I’ll put a solution in next week’s tutorial, likely at the end of the video.

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