This is a placeholder for the new RPG Maker Times Online Store, which is in development and will be live as quickly as possible. It might take awhile to fully implement!

Update: All of the products and services below have a new storefront, entitled Gnome Treasure, which is my wife’s and my combined store.

Store Contents

  • Smile Game Builder – Assets and asset packs (including the House Pack) and additional materials I create.
  • RPG Maker MV – Plugin commercial licenses.
  • Merchandise – Our new and upcoming range of merchandise.
  • Services – The services we provide, including proof-reading.

To Do List

For a transparent progress update (for anyone who is interested), I’ve compiled this To Do List. Items will be added and removed as progress continues.

  • Create a dedicated store subdomain. – New storefront (Gnome Treasure).
  • Add an SSL Certificate for HTTPS secure server status. – Added SSL to Gnome Treasure.
  • Add Products, Merchandise and Services categories.
  • Migrate House Pack info from Itch.
  • Add Mailchimp subscription newsletter for new products/updates.