SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X03: Marie's Flowers
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X03: Marie’s Flowers

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra X03: Marie’s Flowers focuses on fetching Marie’s roses so she will join you. There’s a neat feature – MMORPG style – where the flowers have a "particle effect" that’ll disappear when you collect a rose.

Video Tutorial

Tutorials Extra Part #X04

The next part of the Tutorials Extra series will focus on Ignaz, who (in the original tutorial) requested money before he would join. He wanted a fixed amount, but this time he’ll request a random amount.

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Using Mixamo With Smile Game Builder’s B-Style Characters – Tutorial

Jacob Mann has offered a comprehensive tutorial on using Mixamo with Smile Game Builder’s popular B-Style characters. And the best thing about this method is also compatible with Unity when exported with the Exporter for Unity DLC.

Video Tutorial

Support Tool for Making FBX Motions Files with Blender

There is a useful and necessary tool, called TimeSpanEndFixTool (provided by SmileBoom). It’s at the very bottom of the page.

What this tool does is fixes the end frame limit of 60fps so longer animations don’t play to the end.

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3D Model Character Animation
in Smile Game Builder

It might come as no surprise that creating animated character models for SMILE GAME BUILDER is one of the commonest questions asked.

While this in itself isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first, there are a number of rules you need to follow to successfully create and import character models into SGB, notably with bones and armature.

Jacob Mann has produced a video that comprehensively explains the process from start to finish on YouTube. It’s well worth watching if you’re a relative beginner and wish to create your own 3D characters.

Although there is a plethora of tutorials on armatures, many are for more general creation and don’t take into account SGB’s especial bone structure and format, which may lead to some weird, undesired effects in SGB itself. Jacob’s video is tailored specifically to SGB and makes it easy to understand how animations are created and how they work in Smile Game Builder.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 53 - Let's Party
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #53 – Let’s Party!

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial, ෡ Let’s Party!, is all about party and party members. Thanks, notably to the Version 1.11 update, you can do much more with your party members, including the caterpillar effect we no doubt know so well from RPG Maker.

Video Tutorial

Extended Version

There is no extended version of this tutorial, but check my social media – Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook – or this blog for updates.

Next Tutorial

I’ll decide on next week’s tutorial next week. Hopefully back on track with Doors again.

3D Character Editor - Smile Game Builder Update 1.8
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3D Character Editor – Smile Game Builder Update 1.8

Yes, it’s true! SmileBoom has released Smile Game Builder‘s awesomest update to date – a 3D Character Editor! – along with a few other updates.

SGB 3D Character Editor DLC - Steam Store
SGB 3D Character Editor DLC – Steam Store
  • We’re proud to bring you our newest batch of DLC–the "3D Character Editor". As we stated on our June 23rd press release, those that purchased SMILE GAME BUILDER before the summer sale will get this DLC for free.
  • 3D models made with MQO format can now be imported. (Beta Version)
  • The main interface of SMILE GAME BUILDER can be edited with an external file. The text will be unofficial, but this feature will enable you to make the UI available in multiple languages.
  • In "Edit Game Data" > "Game Terminology", some uneditable words within the games can now be edited.
  • Added a new command, "Allow/disallow player from running".
  • Added a new command, "Change the Player’s Movement Speed".
  • You can now change the display location of windows for shops, inns and choices from the event panels.
Smile Game Builder Facebook

I will be showcasing the 3D Character Editor this week (probably as Sunday’s regular slot), as well as its other updates.

A Healer Only Lives Twice - Showcase
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“A Healer Only Lives Twice” Character Resource Pack – Showcase

A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack
A Healer Only Lives Twice
Character Resource Pack
The A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack DLC for Smile Game Builder was released on 19 July 2017, based on the game Iron Will by Pon Pon Games.

The game won the Bitsummit Award in 2015, given to those stand-out games, and deservedly so! It’s a remarkable DLC with plenty unique animations and characters to use in your games.

Showcase Video

All in all, this Smile Game Builder DLC is quite remarkable, notably for its animated motions, which are uniquely customized. It comes with 95 models in total including its color variations. And there are a few other surprises in it too, which I’ll let you discover on your own.

I would highly recommend this for all Iron Will fans, and those who aren’t familiar with it as well.

Smile Game Builder Tutorials
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Create A Map Item Tutorial Video

Daniel Rottinger is creating some awesome tutorials on his channel SmileGameBuilding.

Video Tutorial

One of them is using Agility as a method to display an overhead map from an item.

This is a very cool way of doing it. I wouldn’t have thought to use stats this way, but the characters and stats is an area I haven’t touched yet.

Hence, I’d like to give him a shout. Be sure to visit his channel for more videos. I’m sure there will be plenty more!

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Developing Branneg Guthinol – Further Smile Game Builder Assets Experiments

I couldn’t leave my character Branneg Guthinol alone! Here he is – imported and fully textured – in Blender!

Branneg Guthinol Experiment in Blender
Branneg Guthinol Experiment in Blender

The next step is to unwrap his UVs and composite them into something Smile Game Builder can work with.

And for the record, this will not be a public asset, as the models and materials are licensed through Daz 3D for external purposes, such as game development.

Regardless, this is still just good practice for me!

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Meet Branneg Guthinol – A Smile Game Builder Assets Experiment

Meet Branneg Guthinol, indeed. He is a mean-spirited, ugly-minded, obese ex-gladiator, who delights in others’ pain, both observing it and inflicting it. Once, he was lean and muscular, an indomitable force in the Arena, before he was given the rudis (the wooden sword symbolizing his freedom). After becoming a rudiarius, he capitalized on his fame and amassed quite a fortune…

Branneg Guthinol

Branneg Guthinol - An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol – An SGB Asset Experiment
Branneg Guthinol is another Smile Game Builder asset experiment. I just wanted to see if it worked properly. And it does!

He was created using Daz 3D Studio using the model George and wearing the Heracles outfit. The outfit is what inspired his introduction.

I doubt he’ll ever appear in any game, as it’s just an experiment and nothing else. It’s fun trying these things out for SGB. Now, if only I could make a 3D model of him!

And by the way, I also created the parchment graphic for the window to give a kind of Roman or medieval feel to the dialogue box. (I’ll cover that in this week’s tutorial.)

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 008: Characters & Party Members (Part 4)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #8 – Characters & Party Members (Part 4)

In this tutorial, the final one in the Characters & Party Members series, I go through additional options for Eldred to join the party:

  • If a certain party member is in the party
  • If you’ve visited a certain location
  • If you’ve defeated a certain monster

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